Friday, August 31, 2012

HMMM? What if you mixed Basic D&D with 4th Edition D&D?

What if you mixed Basic D&D with 4th Edition D&D?

Like only the powers simplified and no feats or very few feats or simple added class features.

The monsters would be simplified as well. Definitely LOWER hit points.

Kinda like the did in Heroes of Neverwinter on Facebook.

May be fun?

Damn the Gamer ADD is kicking in again!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who will control the destiny of D&D Next?

Who will control the destiny of D&D Next?

Well I would have to say when D&D Next was announced I could give a flying fudge what the hell they did. BUT! They changed my mind when I heard their Gen Con seminar.

It seems that Mike wants the game to go back to story. I like what they want to do with the Forgotten Realms. It just looks kick ass. The last play test release was very simple yet impressive.

Is it going to be the munchkin players who over inflate the rules and think HEY that is good stuff! Every character is a 10 page novel. OR are the Old Schoolers going to come en mass and put their opinions onto how and what this game will turn into?

So far the game is keeping a steady course of simpleness reminiscent of Basic with a small twist of 3rd edition.

The opinions are stacking up quickly by many who want the game to go in more complicated directions.

Unneeded complicated directions. They know not what they do.

SO what are you bloggers going to do? Or dare I say this is what you need to do.

First take a look at the play test packets. See what I am talking about. Like or dislike give you opinion. Let them know.

Let WotC know.

They have all but admitted their mistakes. Help form this game that we all love or at least the simple core of the game into something cool.

The renaissance has become a revolution and much of the revolution was influenced by the OSR kid not yourself.

SO who is with me?

What say you?!?

Friday, August 24, 2012

So is the OSR kinda DEAD? I keep hearing the QUESTION! Is D&D Next the answer for everybody?

SO I have actually read over the D&D Next Playtest rules and I have to say the voices screaming out in the wilderness of the OSR either have been heard or D&D has organically returned to it's roots kinda.

D&D Next looks like it's going to be a really cool game so far. I would say a tiny bit more complicated than 2nd edition AD&D but it will flow slightly quicker. I have printed out the latest playtest material and I am going to whip up a few characters.

Like it's mostly failed predecessor it does have that get you playing real quick that 4th edition had. Lots of premade equipment list and such for a class or backgrounds.

It is kinda a combination of all the editions past but it seems to have it's heart in basic and 3rd edition mixed kinda.

The best part of it all is according to Mike Mearles the game is going to be about STORY! If that is the focus then it is going to kick ass. If it is only sales then they will fail!

You roll your D20 attributes all six of them 4d6 take away the lowest and then place them. Thank god that is back. Point buys make such dumbass characters.

Pick your race! Damn they did some really good write ups on the races. I get that funny feeling in my gut I got 33 years ago when I started playing.

Pick your class. Just four opps I mean six classes.

Pick a background (optional) Your character could have a background, a story
that describes where he or she came from, his or her original occupation, and the character’s place in the D&D world.
Okay I like this alot. It makes people role play and think of story.

Pick a Specialty (optional) Just as your class tells you what you can do, your specialty tells you how you do it. A specialty further defines your character’s preferred combat tactics and investigative methods, arising from particular studies, inherent talents, or focused training.

The one thing about D&D Next is it is expandable with more sourcebooks to come but if they are careful it won't break this version of the game like 3rd edition and somewhat 4th edition.

Over all it looks easy to run and easy to play but not as easy as my RPG but as usual I have really bad timing and so far very few people are looking at my game.

The next thing with Next is the Forgotten Realms. Dammit if they ain't got me wanting to go out and buy the novels right now. The default setting will be Forgotten Realms after "the Sundering".

Some say FR is generic and boring but I think they are just mad their setting did not get published. I have never ran FR BUT I have played it and after reading many of the novels it became a real world to me.

As I get older I loose the urge (and the time) to sit back and create huge settings and worlds.

The best thing is they claim that they are going to open the adventures to the players and let them be important in the FR world actually shaping the setting. That is cool.

What am I talking about?

Watch the damn Gen Con video. Man that Ed Greenwood is cool. I bet he is a damn kickass DM.

This almost makes me want to put on my writer's hat and start writing a FR story. Hell I might just do an outline as I don't know what the hell the Sundering is.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to the Dungeon RPG Rough Draft Zine Style Release

Rough Draft Zine Style Release!

Here be the unprofessional zine self styled RPG of the OSR.
Let us do it ROUGE STYLE!

Bad editing! Bad Grammar! But a damn fun game!

ALL made to print out in a fold over zine!

Four LITTLE Booklets!

Easy to Run and Easy to Play!

Players Guide

Book Of Spells

Book of Encounters


It will need corrections. Note them and then get back to playing!
Add more classes and races!

Shareware copyleft/middle

Friday, August 17, 2012

Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game: Update

Well I am back to having thoughts of releasing the rest of my CFRPG.

It's like 99% done but after the Word Processor Formatting Demon Possession Problems I had I kinda gave up.

The announcement of D&DNext was kind of a bummer but at the same time I like what I see but I also just am not excited. Maybe it's the few thousands of $$$s they already got from me.

I dunno.

I need to get my Neo-Clone out to the world as a personal quest as there have been a few members of the "community" that have naysayed your good and kind Eldrad.

I stayed classy and did not respond in a FuhQDiK but I should have. I will not say whom but it still bugs me although a long time ago.

BUT I must say the rest of the "community" is the cat's meow! Except for a few that never...Oh never mind.

I am so close but this gamer's block that I have! BUT I must admit every time I look upon an old D&Dish type game from modern to olden I get bugged.

The oldens and the clones the same (some say stupid) restrictions that hamper role play.

The modern the same overcomplicated CLUNK that hampers role play.

"Uh yeah my Half Unicorn Vampire Half-Dragon Were-Bulette Lich with a Shirley Temple Template Fighter Thief Death Wizard Exotic Dancer Uses her or his Damper Jet Plane Feat and does a five foot step and warps back in time using his Alter Time Space power to get an opportunity attack with sneak damage ans critical hit because he is a Quadruple three weapon specialist. That's a uh 4+7+16+93+1d20! I roll a uh 234 yeah! WHadda ya mean you have a reverse megaton feat??" Pages are flipped the rest of the night looking for the rules! LOL!

The solution?

A game as simple as the classics but with SOME of the options of the new BUT without RULES bloat.

Easy to Run and Easy to Play!

My Game! The one that had very little to no response from the OSR Blogger world due to way too many games bloat form the OSR but at least they are mostly all free!

BUT it would be argued by a few that I am wrong! Some in the OSR like the restrictions!

Many if not most of the New School don't even pay attention. LOL!

"We only play 4th Edition"
"We only play Pathfinder"
"That old stuff is OOKIE! Stuff!"

Forgive them Gods of Gaming! They know not what they do! OR maybe it is I that does no know! LOL! I am going to bed.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Diorama Fantasy Idea Part II

Well here I go bored and once again dreaming about a huge Fantasy RPG Diorama event.

It's just a dream but imagine a huge event space with 4 x 8 tables spaced where you could comfortable set chairs up and game on that table all set up with villages, forest, swamps.

Multiple level megadungeons encompassing multiple 4 x 8 tables and many rooms. Hundreds of players and many DMs.

One huge event under one set of rules. Hopefully old school rules!

Would DMs have an area or would they move around with the party.

Imagine not just an event but a private club that would house this diorama permanently!

Ah crap! Real life calls will have to finish the post and add pictures that I downloaded from the net will be posted later.

Friday, August 10, 2012

NOVEL: Free Form Fantsy and Sci-Fi, Plus super simple Space Mini/Card Board Chit battles.

SO what kind of cliches could one have for a fantasy game in a NOVEL free form RPG?

What about Sci Fi? I really don't like how my free from version of Starclads came out so I might just rewrite it. Turn it into a Zine.

In a free form game one should keep up with cash and such should they not?

Now to Space Mini/Card Board Chit Battles!

I am thinking about making ship battles be very stat heavy NOT! Just one number from 1 to 20 called Defense or DEF.

If that number or greater is rolled then the spacecraft is destroyed.

I think it would be cool to have huge space battles. I guess I would have to add in move and ranges if I used minis but that would not be that difficult.

In very rare cases there may be an more powerful weapons subtract from defense BEFORE the dice is rolled but no more than -5. Most of those weapons will be one shots or very few shots.

Order of Combat
1. Each side rolls initiative on D20. Go in highest to lowest.
2. All parties move in order.
3. All parties attack in order.
4. To attack roll a D20. If the number is DEF or higher the unit is destroyed.
5. Some limited weapons may subtract from the target's DEF before the attack is made.
6. Restart back at Step 1.

That's all there is to it.

Axis Space Forces

5 Dreadnaught Battle Cruisers DEF 15 Move 2" Range 15"

20 Fighters DEF 5 Move 5" Range 1"

1 Dread Star DEF 20 Move 1" Range 10"
(5 Shot Planet Killer -5 to Target's DEF Range 20")

Dread Order Imperium

10 Antares Fast War Ships DEF 12 Move 4" Range 5"

30 D.I.E. (Double Ion Engines) Fighters DEF 4 Move 6" Range 2"

The Axis Space Forces have found the dirty Dread Order Imperium and their horrible clone army. All clones of Emperor Snull! They have been ransacking the frontier for decades! Now it's time to get some revenge!

Get some representative tokens or pieces to fight this battle out!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hero's Mag: The "Free Form" Version of the Game.

Multiple Versions of the same game! Yes I am an insane flip flopper!

So here is my most updated version of Hero's Mag in the Free Form version. It is free form BUT there is a dice roll mechanic added to solve disagreements on how things should go outside the story.

I have had quite a few gamers LOVE the freedom of it all AND a few HATE it with full passion. Even if they never tried it.

The "free form" tends to short the circuits of rule's lawyers and min-maxers as well. The claim by a few of them is it gives the Game Master too much power. Game masters have that anyway!

Go and download and print out the rules and make it into a fold over booklet. Then make a few characters.

Make a super team.

Make them interesting.

Don't just let them be great at everything make them flawed. Give them problems like their girlfriend is cheating on them, drug and alcohol problems, family members are terminally ill, the character is terminally ill, mental problems, unemployment, homelessness, real world problems in a supers world.

Non Playing Characters are a breeze because there are no attributes just as brief or as long as you would like. Make a sheet for each character of who these NPCs are and how they effect their life.

Make sure and have all the sights and sounds of where the story takes place as well. Our world but with supers added.

Make sure all of the iconic supers (don't copy make your own versions) have aged and now are facing old age and death thus making room for new Supers.

In fact in my notes the main super group based in New York was killed by a third plane during 911 so the entire city of New York and surrounding cities are now know as The Criminal Playland.

How did a mere bomb kill supers? It was an antimatter bomb in the third plane. There is literally a gaping hole and residue antimatter left on the scene.

The L.A. based team is full of troubles as well as they are facing internal strife and troubles from gangs.

The Houston Based Supers are having problems with The Cartel as they have all been targeted for assassination as well as any friends or family.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hero's Mag: Superions

Another take on my Supers RPG is the Superion version of the game. It is based on a simple skeleton. All Players start out with 10D6 HD AC 10, MAC 10, +1 to hit, 1d4 punch, 10 MPH and 4 + 1d6 Power Points.

All Normal Humans start out with 1D6 HP AC 10, MAC 10, No Bonus to Hit, 1d4 punch.

Now the power points are how many times you roll on a D200 chart.
Yes completely random Superions. Really spits out a character quick when you do it all random.

It really comes out with an interesting collection of heroes and villians.

Evil Superions are called Infernals. They roll on the d200 but also roll on the Oddity/Defect chart. There are 100 items of sick and demented defects and powers or there will be when I am finished.

Here is an example character...

10D6 HD (47 Hit Points)
AC 12,
MAC 10,
+1 to hit, 1d4 punch,
10 MPH
4 + 1d6 Power Points and he rolls a 2 so that is 6 powers/skills/devices.

So here are my rolls and their results!

150. Shrink: You can get very small but keep your HP and Strength.

129. Nullify: Anyone with in Hit Points x 2 in feet has all powers Nullified. Can be turned off on a 10 or more roll.

16. Armor Light: +2 AC

196. Wealth 9: $100 Million

73. Elemental Power Gravity: Graviton Ray 1-12, Control Gravity +5

171. Telekinesis: Roll 1d10. Compare it to Super Strength +6 (Diesel Trucks). Range is 200 feet.

So this guy can shrink, nullify powers, has a natural light armor, is worth $100 million, can control gravity, and is a telekinetic.

I think I will call him Gravitos. A super rich blue blooded Superion. He can fly around the world and make it a better place in his view. Not your heroic type more of an egotistical bastard that loves attention. His power came to him when he was exploring a deep cave and came upon a Superion Artifact. It was a glowing statue that EXPLODED bathing him in Superion Energy. He awoke a changed man with super powers.

That was fun I will make another!

10D6 HD (33 Hit Points)
AC 20,
MAC 9,
+1 to hit, 1d4 punch,
10 MPH
4 + 1d6 Power Points and he rolls a 3 so that is 7 powers/skills/devices.

121. Mechanic: Knowledge on how to fix things +2.

56. Elemental Body Darkness: + 9 AC, has body of shadow that acts like phasing 1d12 damage.

71. Elemental Power Electricity: Lighting Bolt 1-12, Control Electricity +5

20. Armor Ultimate: +10 AC

168. Swim: The ability to swim +2.

104. Innocent: You are shelter from the world and are naive and innocent. -1 MAC

75. Elemental Power Metal: Magnetic Ray 1-12, Control Magnetism +5

So this girl is a mechanic, can turn into shadow, can control electricity, has the Ultimate Armor (the best you can have!), was on the swim team, is an innocent person, and can control metal and magnetism!

Blackout is a small town girl the daughter of a mechanic and captain of the swim team. He powers manifested during a swimming match and she injured many of her teammates. She now travels the country as the heroine Blackout!

Each character took about five minutes to create.


Anyway here is the intro to the document...

In the ancient times far out beyond space and time the Superions were born. Not of one race but from a strange mutating energy. The Energy Force called Superion. The force can manifest in technology or in powers of great help or destruction. Their battle is ancient. They have been on our world for millions of years. Every planet Superion touches is forever changed. Such as the story of the reality of earth know as Earth Superion! It is because of them that our technology is far greater than it is Earth Prime. Also the influence of Superion Energy has allowed the solar system and the galaxy to be far more populated.

There are the Superions know as the Infernals. They are the ones that cause great evil upon the world. They come in many forms yet unlike the Surpurnals they are twisted and dark! Whenever they meet a battle is sure to happen for the Infernals believe that all of reality is theirs.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back Home

Whap! Too SLOW! Well it looks like the San Antonio, TX Old School gaming crowd was too slow. I put myself out there and there were a few responses but no plans or invites. An invite from the Austin crowd (thanks fellas but you was too far but I was thinking about making the drive)was given I really appreciate that. Maybe next time if there is one.

I got canned through yet another bout of Shakespearean treachery! I took this job blind with no details.

Really desperate. Running out of money. Have you ever been there? It's tough.

A fair amount of pay and all the gas I could burn. The job neglected to mention that I would be driving MY TRUCK for free. Driving it an average of 2000 miles a week. THOSE details were left out.

I asked my employer five times top get me a rental or truck pay. I then went over his head and mentioned it to the contractor rep when he asked how everything was going.

The contractor rep seemed concerned but used that to have me canned.

He also took me out because I was a witness to him telling all of us in the safety department to only report incidents to HIM only and not contact the client.

What do you know the client also asked the safety department to leave because we did not report incidents to them as we had been. Backstabbing sonofabitch.

Is there ever going to be jobs without backstabbing and treachery? Am I just not doing it right anymore? The last few years have been hell! Most of my jobs have been the worst jobs I have ever had.

I am just getting burnt out! I really hope to find a shelter from the storm and let all these political backstabbing bastards take each other out. Rats on a sinking ship they are!

I have had such success but it seems that the "energy" of the people and the universe itself is off kilter. Jobs just go bad no matter what time and tested policies and procedures I use. As the economic situation goes further down jobs become more and more stupid.

The people are turning toward chaos!