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Using “0” Level Characters for LL/AEC

Using 0 Level Characters for LL/AEC

SO one feature of a certain other RPG is called The Funnel. It basically lets someone roll up a few weak 0 level characters to start adventuring with. If they survive they can choose to become 1st level characters. 

Choose any allowable race in your LL/AEC game. What is allowable?  Its up to the Gm as he/she is the final rule.

Roll 3d6 in order. 6 times in three columns making three characters for Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha.

Once abilities have been determined, each player must roll for a skill. You are not picking out a class yet but think of the class you WANT. Each class desired will have a prime requisite, and some classes have a requirement of a minimum ability score. If the prime requisite ability is high enough, the character will receive a bonus to experience.

Sometimes, a player will choose a certain class and the character does not have a prime requisite high enough to receive the experience bonus. In these cases, 2 ability points may be sacrificed from one ability to raise one prime requisite ability 1 point. This may be done more than once, but no ability can be lowered below 9. There are certain restrictions on how to raise or lower abilities. No ability may be lowered if it is also a prime requisite for the class, even if there are a few points to spare above the minimum required score. Dexterity can only be raised, never lowered. Constitution and Charisma are the only abilities that may not be modified in any way.
Roll once d100 Skills.

1. Actor
2. Animal Trainer
3. Appraiser     
4. Armorer             
5. Baker
6. Banker
7. Barber
8. Bartender
9. Beggar $               
10. Blacksmith 
11. Boatman       
12. Bookbinder            
13. Bowyer/Fletcher % 
14. Brewer            
15. Butcher
16. Burglar $       
17. Carpenter      
18. Chandler
19. Clown  
20. Cobbler   
21. Cooper
22. Cook       
23. Coppersmith
24. Crier
25. Cutler
26. Dairyman
27. Dancer 
28. Drifter $
29. Dyer
30. Explorer
31. Farmer          
32. Fisher  
33. Fortune Teller*
34. Friar <     
35. Furrier
36. Gambler 
37. Game Keeper %
38. Gem Cutter     
39. Glassblower
40. Glazier 
41. Goldsmith
42. Gravedigger
43. Hatter
44. Herald
45. Horse Trader  
46. Huntsman %
47. Investigator
48. Jailer
49. Jeweler
50. Juggler
51. Laborer
52. Lapidary
53. Lens Maker
54. Lorimer
55. Mapmaker
56. Mason
57. Merchant
58. Mime
59. Miner
60. Minstrel
61. Mourner
62. Notary
63. Occultist*
64. Painter
65. Pawnbroker
66. Peasant
67. Perfumer
68. Pimp/Whore
69. Poet
70. Porter
71. Potter
72. Prisoner
73. Puppeteer
74. Rat Catcher
75. Reeve
76. Roper
77. Seafarer
78. Servant
79. Scribe
80. Shepard
81. Shipwright
82. Slater
83. Slave
84. Silversmith
85. Singer
86. Stevedore
87. Tailor
88. Tanner
89. Taxman
90. Thatcher/Roofer
91. Thug
92. Tinkerer
93. Torchbearer
94. Undertaker
95. Vintner
96. Wanderer
97. Weapon Smith
98. Weaver
99. Woodcutter +
100. Roll Twice

*- Has the Spell Read Magic only and can use Magic User scrolls.
$- Has the 0 Level Thief Skills of PL 11%, FRT 9%, PP 18% CW 44%, HIS 8%, HN 1-2
%- Starts out with a Long Bow OR Short Bow and 12 arrows.
+- Starts out with a Hand Axe or Battle Axe.
<- Can cast Clerical scrolls.

Roll 1d4 HPs modified by the Con score.

Roll 1d6 x 10 for gold.

Start out at -500 XP

My god this looks fun as hell!

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The Living Fantasy Realm LARP Rules!

When one walks into a LARP world, there should NOT be a HUGE rulebook to learn. When a person enters the Living Fantasy Realm they get one 4 page pamphlet that covers everything they need to know and one is playing within minutes!

Those of NOBLE BLOOD get an additional pamphlet.

From there one can go around the LARP site and find the various guilds to join such as Fighters and Scouts (they can become Knights and Rangers), Wizards and Priest. There are three pamphlets explaining all of these occupations as well. 

THE RUMORS OF THIEVERY and ASSASSINs (ALSO know as Knaves and Taffers!) Guilds are completely untrue! There is a pamphlet for those rumored occupations (or lack there of) as well!

The default race is human but there is yet another 4 page pamphlet explaining the rules of other races as well as foul monsters. 

With the legal documents there are a total of 8 pamphlets that help someone enter a fantasy world without spending days reading over rulebooks. 

Less Rules=More Fun.

Long ago in ages past there was Shade's LARPLIST, one of the oldest IF not the oldest LARP website on the internet. Since 1990! I Eldrad Wolfsbane was a moderator BUT let's go back to the past!

I had dreamed of LARPing in my area back in the 80s but to no avail as the people around me wouldn't help me form such an organization.  

Then is the late 90s I discovered a rather large LARP group in my area! I had finally found it! Somewhere around there I found SHADE'S LARPLIST.

They were using a simple set of rules  and were playing at a public park.  I instantly stepped in to help with the rules and show them that with a group of their size they could actually buy some land and form a LARP park. I wrote some fantastic rules! They actually converted to them for awhile but the politics continued on.

Sadly the politics of the group and the general unwelcoming leadership drove my clan away. Total power hungry and insecure members of the group's leadership felt threatened that they might not get to run all aspects of the player's lives within the LARP.

I had various failures of “friends” that I will never forgive. I had formed a scenario of an Empire attacking and had gathered a group of 10 or so players to help me attack the group (all for fun). I made them weapons and tabbards and set up the meeting for the surprise attack.

None of them showed on the day of the attack... 

The leader of the Imperial Forces was also another member but the “leadership” was so organized that they did not even know he was there even though I mentioned him by name. He also denied being the leader of the imperial forces out of fear of retaliation. This made me loose so much face that I never recovered.

In my foolish quest to try and find an army to attack the group in a conquest scenario and spread MY SET OF RULES, I accidentally sealed my own doom when I contacted a larger LARP organization in the next city over. I lost the group on October of 99. I found out when I was prepping some land for my first large event.

I won't say who they are but they are actually a LACS not a LARP! This group went all out in trying to recruit our group. I had my set of rules BUT not the might of a huge flashy organization. Even thought their rules were terrible and did not allow for the formation of a LARP Park, the Leadership of the LARP went for that organization and left me in the dust defeated and destroyed.

I warned them on what they would loose by being a part of another set of very badly written rules but the people were swayed by their leadership. They lost a few of their primary members but gained more.

There was also the factor (some say running gag!) that one of the main power players of the group kept getting his persona assassinated  and the new LARP Group's rules had "lives" like a video game and no permanent character death. 
In my sojourn of desolation and sadness I turned to Shade's LARPLIST and continued to form my rules. This is the result of my exposure to the Nordic Theory of LARPing which is simplicity and ease of use.

This battle had also caused great tension on the home front and these people had been unfriendly to my clan members and the rest of my clan were done with most of the group to say the least.

A few times I had the promise of someone adopting my rules but as always the group flaked out or turned to other more complicated rules and broke from their own weight or lack of organization.

These rules as stated before follow the SIMPLE Nordic tradition of LARPing aslo called FEST Style of LARPING! A person can walk onto site and become proficient with the rules in a matter of minutes not hours. 

There are not hundreds of pages of rules in the LFR! The rules are to be printed in fold over booklets, using only one page per section printed out.  

If one has renfest, campsite, or large piece of land, that would be ideal for an LFR Group!

These rules would also be ideal for "Transformitive Festivals" as well and would allow a deeper level of escapism. 

There is no guarantee of success BUT IF you decide to adopt my team's rules and have 5 or more acres of land, then for a small percentage you will have my team's years of planning and expertise to go along with these rules. With our guidance you will be able to create a LARP Park that will break even and possibly make a profit. 

You can also just get together with friend and play in the woods as well.

We have cheap building techniques and plans to form villages and towns. Ways of getting cheap building and repurposed materials.

The rest is up to you.

I hope you enjoy these LARP rules of the Living Fantasy Realm as I have bled and suffered for them for them many years ago.  

SHADESlarplaist Alumni


The Living Fantasy Realm LARP Rules