Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am going to Comicpalooza this weekend in Houston, TX.

If any of you are going let me know! Would love to meet fellow gamers and roll a few dice.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What to do? Should I use OSRIC or LL and the AEC?

Should I use OSRIC or LL and the AEC?

Both are good.

Both have merits and such.

My FIRST experience with gaming was the Basic Set with the Earl Otus cover so LL is a natural fit and with the AEC it plugs in the "advanced" style of play with the "basic" style of play.

OSRIC is the "advanced" style of play apologetically.

Which system do you like out there and why?

Monday, March 22, 2010

TARGA Controversy and the OSR.

TARGA Controversy and the OSR.

As an almost libertarian (in belief but not in the party) and almost anarchist I never want the freedom of speech and expression of another held back as long as I know what their content of information is.

The poster of the "I Hit With My Axe" did nothing maliciously. He posted what he felt was TARGA worth news. The short film was from the Blog "DnD with porn stars".

They seem like sweet cool girls and from the short snippets seem to really be gaming.

A few people were surprised by the content and dropped out of TARGA.

My suggestion (and there will be no more discussion with this) is invite back the people that quit and promise to post a warning on any possible adult content BUT for the most part try and keep TARGA growing and out of controversy.

I live in South West Louisiana and did suffer through the D&D Inquisition of the 80s. We don't need that to happen again but at the same time we don't need to dumb down and edit OUR games for the approval of others who HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMING lest we have another 2nd edition AD&D!

TARGA is a great thing and this needs to first be made whole then this situation moved on from.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chase Dat Gold!

Oh, no! Here we go, with the flow (here we go).
Chasin' gold 'cause that's the goal, or so we've been told (with the flow).
I think we've all played that role, so I don't care what you say (chasing gold).
'Cause everyday we role play. Everyday we role play (ooohhhwowowohh).

I'm not a 9 to 5'er, a daily grinder.
I smack a wench in the mouth, just to remind her (smack her in the mouth).
I'm not a stranger to danger. I, myself, am a Ranger.
I got a Dark Elf and a Wizard in my crew. So, don't think we're afraid of you.

I'm a Dark Elf, I'm my bad ass self (that ass is so bad).
Slitting throats, killing folks, trying to be myself.
I'm like, "Don't be mad because I'm bad." You know,
I was born that way. It's like being gay (Uncle Larry!).


Rule # 1: No hitting in the face.
Rule # 2: If you get hit in the leg, drop to your knees and let out a shout. If you get hit again, then you're out.
Rule # 3: Memorize these...(Follow these rules)

Look at their face, see their fear.
A puff of smoke and the wizard appears (wizard appears).
I don't care if you stare at my wicked warez,
my Wiccan flair, my white flowing wizard hair.


Wait, is this like playing WOW?

No, Ogre licker. I'm a real wizard kicker. If you snicker, it will trigger my sword to grow bigger.
To all you WOW kids: you know what joblessness is, or who's job it is to gargle goblin jizz (gargle goblin jizz)?
And it's not PC in this PVE to diss another brothers MMORPG.
But it aint PVP, this is you versus me, and I make all my weapons out of PVC.

I'm true to this game. I got a unicorn tattoo.
So, all you role playa haters. Is this real enough for you?
I'm a wizard. I'm an elf. I like sparring. By yourself.
You both suck. Rangers rule. I challenge you to a duel.

(We're jousting on Sprees)

Watch me hack. Watch me slash. Watch me steady, spend that cash.
Maidens sing their siren song. Let me see that iron thong.
Chastity belts really turn me on. Wizard staff grows hard and long.
L to the A to the R to the P-ing. Hand to the hilt, grab the sword and swing.