Friday, April 28, 2017

WITHOUT HOPE: A Zombie Survival Horror RPG      

WE don't know how it happened. IT"S finally here. 

The dead have risen to eat the living! 

We don't know how it happened. 

This is not like other games where one is a bad ass Zombie Fighter. You are weak and very human! 

NO matter what, the dead are always there. They never sleep and never rest. 



It's not just the zombies that you have to worry about! It's the other people! They can be worse than the zombies! 

The game system is really simple, based on old school principles. 

Now your wondering why would someone come out with another Zombie Horror Survival RPG in a small sea of them?  

My fellow writer and I had a vision of a Zombie Horror where the players were just normal people in a world gone mad. With that level of realism brought in a level of fear and tension that previous Zombie RPGs I had written by myself had never had nor had any of the others I have played. 

IN fact I have never had a Zombie Horror game make me so tense! 

With my co-writer there were controls and standards of the Zombie Horror we wanted. 
  • One bite, no matter what and it's over, unless you chop of the limb but that still might not work. 
  • Guns and Combat is deadly realistic yet really simple.
  • Other people are the worst monsters. 
  • Sanity and Humanity scores that reflect the decent into terror and madness from seeing the dead rise to eat the living and the loss of family and friends.
  • Super quick character creation in the old school style of play. If your character dies then roll up another in minutes. 
  • A simple and easy to use percentile based system.  
  • There are no super zombies, intelligent zombies of any kind, just Zombie Horror in it's purest form. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to the Dungeon 2nd Edition! Simplified and Stripped!

Plans to simplify Back to the Dungeon RPG are underway!  

The game will still be compatible with the all the modules and such just character creation will be simplified. Many of the long winded modifiers and such will be put either into one word descriptors, or eliminated all together.   

Attribute modifies may be (Have not decided yet) replaced with minimum scores (like an elf needs to have a 16 Dex instead of a +2 to Dex modifier) for certain classes or races. 

The simplicity I was going for was obscured by the "just get it finished" mode I was in. 

After running it for awhile , I noticed that many of the features were not even used so they are going out the door. TOO MUCH CLUNK! This will allow for more customized characters I think.

I also went to make a stack of pregenerated characters for the local CON and said DAMN IT! I did it again! Made it too clunky! It was just too much work!

Here's how it should and is going to be! Roll Attributes, Pick Race, Pick Class, Roll for gold, Buy Stuff, Start playing in less that 10 minutes.   

I am also going to put all the difficulty ratings on the GM. The player will simply roll his D20 plus attribute modifier. On the GM's side will be subtraction of -1 every two levels and if he is skilled then drop the difficulty by 5. The player will not have to deal with any of the math save combat.

A few tweaks on the Armor rules and the price list. 

Monsters are pretty much going to stay the same. 

It will be released as an update on each booklet, so if you already got yours downloaded from DrivThruRPG then you will get this update for free!    

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DUNGEONPUNK RPG So you want to be an adventurer eh?

Using the same system I discussed so long ago at The Forge and the system that is used in the Graphic Novel Supers RPG, inspired by the Dungeonpunk manifestos and counter manifestos, here is my take on the DUNGEONPUNKness. 

DUNGEONPUNK game that takes minutes to make a character and provide hours of fun. The only dice you need for this game is a 20 sided dice. Based off the Graphic Novel Freeform Supers RPG and The NOVEL FREEFORM RPG System that was discussed on The FORGE years ago. 
When you want to do something you roll a Dice. The higher you roll the better the outcome. How high you need to roll is determined by your described skill and the amount of difficulty from 1 (easy) to 20 (nearly impossible) assigned by the game master. A natural “1” is a complete failure and a natural “20” is a complete success. Any other dice will do as long as everyone is using the same dice but the D20 is the king. 

Most of the playtesters said it was one of the best times they have had in a long time.

It's only $1 at DriveThruRPG!!!