Sunday, December 18, 2016

A review by LUCA C...

Hey! I got a great 5 star review! YEAH! 

After a first reading of this DM and the Player guide too, I think that is one of the most beautiful, well written and complete products of this kind...and in these days I'm reading a lot of them! I put it in my Top 5 of its niche. I could say more after a "field" test :)


[5 of 5 Stars!]

Monday, December 5, 2016

Can't Seem to Make Gaming Happen.

Been down lately. Real down. My main stress release is gaming but that does not seem to ever happen. I also seem to be the only Game master for Fantasy Gaming. Tried to collect a few other Fantasy Game Masters but they have failed to produce (even though many have claimed to be really good game masters.) or don't want to do it. I have tried for years to start an expeditionary campaign of old using Back to the Dungeon RPG which shares the workload between game masters but it never seems to happen.

You know when you are really on target with an adventure or module you write. You know when one is kinda half ass and sucks. Especially if you have been gaming since 81 yet my well written games lack fire. I am getting burnt out as a game master as well.

I can't really explain it other than many of my players are non adventurous adventurers.  I am not a killer GM but they are careful to the point of making the game boring at times.

They take NO chances save a few of the characters. One adventure (one claiming to be one of the best GMs in the world in his younger days) even suggested that the party go back to town because the dungeon was dangerous.  

The party tends to not go the way of the adventure such as exploring a mountain in the distance that has nothing to do with the adventure or is a separate part of the adventure. Even throwing in blocker monsters does not stop the wandering. 

People also don't always show up thus screwing up the continuum.

My terrible schedule also lacks any consideration for life. Around the middle of this year I worked almost 2 months straight then another month. I am about to work almost 4 months straight once again. I am afraid that may gaming group will die.