Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updated BttDRPG

Major class features update.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BttDRPG The One Document

SO here is an UPDATED version of the documents all in one document. Really choppy but there are some improvements.

I decided I am not going to have any sacred cows. After all cows are to be sacrificed to Chthulu when you run out of virgins.

I went back to the "Basic" Attribute/Bonus Scheme.

ALL classes will fight at + 1/2 level To Hit though Fighting types get an additional +1, Average combatants get a +0, and no fighting types get -1 starting off at 1st level plus Str or Dex.

I also decided to use a Vanican spell point variant. Has translated very nicely. Casters just starting in magic will only run out of spells after a few battles not after one spell. I may have to weaken the sleep spell.

Hmmm could a victim be sacrificed and their Con score (or a default of 10 +1/2HD if the creature only has HD)to get free Spell Points?

Should I call Spell Points Mana?

A mage for instance has Spell Points equal to his Intelligence. Each level they gain 1d6 spell points. Spells cost equal to level and 0 level spells cost 1/2.

I added in a few more playable races though not finished. May add in Orcs, Goblins, etc. I like lots or race options as long as it's simple!

I may increase starting hit points.

Possibly HD + HD roll + Con? or Con + HD? What do you think?

Read over it and critique as I think am going to add some more features to the classes.

I am working on a Warlock and Psion very soon to add.

Any suggestions for classes?

So has anyone playtested this sucker yet? If not please do so. I am not tooting my own horn but this is a pretty good set of houserules.

When you roll a 20 as a fighter DAMN the monsters tend to DIE!

Now with Casters being simplified and streamlined it should be really fun to play one.

This game comes from over 32 years of gaming experience from me and no telling how much from the people that assisted me.

The point is to be able to get players from both styles to gather together and shut the fuck up and play. Have a good time!

For the Game Master it's a pleasure to run something that does not require rules just rulings.

I got a damn vision here of what gaming is and from it I shall not wane!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Halloween! I have a little horror survival game I rewrote from a few years ago in a simpler form. As in all my games IT'S IN A ROUGH DRAFT FORM!

Inspired by Kreg Moiser's The Dead, S.P. Wipfli's DEAD MEAT, AFMBE, The Deadworld Comics, All the Romero and Russo movies, and any other Zombie Movies that I have seen. Oh and let us not forget AMC's The Walking Dead.

Original Horror World conceived back somewhere in the early 90's and long gone.

Completely easy to make a Player Victim. In fact if you are going to play make a few Victims because players die. Heroes that try and shoot every undead they see will find themselves eaten by the dead when they run out of bullets.

I have always found problems with many of the survival games out there namely complexity and long character creation then you play and die fast.

A decent gamer will live a very long time if he is tactical in this game. Keep the crowds of the dead far away from you and you will live a long time. Get caught in a crowd then bye bye!

Worst monsters of all are other people. Mankind when set free from all rules become the real monsters.

It is a really scary game if ran right.

Since the LINK feature has NEVER worked on this site here it is.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

BttDRPG Less Classes?

Been tinkering with the idea of less classes.

Warrior - Any and all fighting types that depend on Strength and Constitution.

Wanderer - The more skilled fighting types that depend on Dexterity and Wisdom. Possibly dabbles in Magic.

Weaver - The practitioners of Magic and Lore. They use their Intelligence and Wisdom more often as they are masters of magic.

Wasteral - You more stealthy and /or unsavory type that uses Dexterity and Charisma to get by in life. May dabble in some magic.

These could conceivably be every and all the classes I need.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Castle Falkenstein: A Review.

Back in the 90s I was playing the best Cyberpunk RPG ever made called Cyberpunk 2020 by R. Talasorian Games. Hands down the simple rules, the story, the high tech low scum style over substance.

Then this company came out with Castle Falkenstein.


What the hell is that?

I right away noticed the first section of the game book was a lavishly illustrated and painted book split into interesting topics on a fantasy Steampunk version of Europe.

I mean the story alone was worth the price of the book. Then I got to the actual rules themselves. Almost freeform, played with cards, an incredible magic system, faeries, steampunk devices, infernal machine!

All of it was set up so very simple and easy to use. You wrote your characters instead of rolling by choose a few things you were good at and then you started playing.

Then the supplements that came out were some of the most incredible and useful supplements! Books of Magic Orders, Fairies, Society, Steampunk North America!, Leonardo da Vinci's Lost Notebook!

I got everything they made for the game and no it's not for sale ever.

If you can still find it buy it.

Never has there been such an incredible RPG that truly capture the genre of Steampunk. Very easy to run and play. Almost freeform.

There is a new/old website that you may still be able to order it.

UPDATE! This link is good and has a few PDFs links to see what some of the game looks like. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

Friday, October 19, 2012

DnD Next Progress as I see it, 4th Edition Memories, I lament my game.

DnD Next Progress as I see it, 4th Edition Memories, I lament my game.

DnD Next Progress
The "BASE" System is good and will over shadow the "other addition editions" and will hilariously show how the old school gaming style is superior as it gives the players ALL the options and less restrictions.

The game will also show how the new school options are superior to the old school restrictions.

Only complete dumbass sticks in the mud will e unhappy. That is until they play.

DnD is back and it has evolved for everyone.

Many players and DMs that have been playing that way for years anyway will go NO DUH!

IMHO DnDNext may/will be the best version of DnD ever made. Their problem is they have burned all their customers one way or another BUT DnD next will be a slow cure.

Something unheard of may happen.

Old and New school players and DMs will sit at the same table STFU and just go back to playing and having a good time.

Gaming may actually become fun again and that will mean more gaming for everyone!

4th Edition Memories
Sadly 4th Edition ended in my life when I decided I could not stand it anymore. The game had just gotten too repetitive and some of the players were story gamers and not rules gamers and they were NOT having a good time AND the rest of the group would only play 4th NOTHING ELSE.

There were serious design flaws. Way too much monster HPs or way too little damage from the players. I think if someone would amp up the damage and shit would die in 4th I might just go back and play it.

You have to put yourself in the game designers seat for a second. They did not make 4th Edition to hurt you okay.

They thought they were doing the right thing.

They are games just like you. They were hard headed and ignored ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS from their playtesters but they were most likely one of us.

I was talking to some people online and they basically were saying IF they met the 4th edition designers thy would kick their ass. Really is it that serious for them? I live eat breath RPGs (and sadly don't get to play much) and I don't get that stupid about it.

For me 4th Edition has lots of good and fun memories AND it has a few sucky memories. SO the question is IF you could have "repaired" 4th Edition what would you have changed?

I lament my game.

Well all the work and deletion all these years has brought me to this point. My game originally called CFRPG but now called BttDRPG has fell flat on it's face. Very few if any responses.

Throughout the years my coolness is slipping. I am getting old and outdated.

I basically came out with what DnD Next is going to be way ahead of the curve but my presentation obviously sucked.

Very few to nobody is biting, caring, giving a shit, loving it, or hating it.

Ah realization! I have made a Fantasy Heartbreaker! Now I truly know what that term means.

I lament my game. But at least I have only spent time on it and not money.

The elves sing songs but I do not have the heart to say what they are singing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Screw you Battle-net, Blizzard, and World of Warcraft

So I have not played my free trial of WoW lately so I go to play and see it has an update. I try twice and it's corrupted but on the third time yeah! it worked. Git the panda update!

I go to log it and notice that all my login info has disappeared with the new up date. What a stupid sucky feature.

That's just stupid. Maybe I got hacked? A big company like this it should be "no problem" to recover my information.

Fine I go to login with what I am "pretty sure" is the right password. Nope the password does not work. Fine I will recover password and it want's my user name and email address.

It does not recognize my username and password combination. Unlike almost every other password recovery these genius want you to put in your name and email. Wouldn't my email be enough?

SO I realize that my password and my user name does not work and recovery of such is now impossible so I go to the support to try and reset everything and in order to do that you must have email address and user name. What a dumbass asinine web design.

There was one way that I could put in my cell phone number. Nah I don't think so . Not going to get 500 call a day again when my number is sold.

Yeah. Not looking good.

SO I decide to just contact them directly but you can't. There seems to be NO emails, contact info, just ,more bullshit runaround.

SCREW IT! SO I deleted the free trial and everything! Screw you Battle-net, Blizzard and World of Warcraft.

You and your website builders are idiots.

Monday, October 15, 2012

BttDRPG Dissecting the Classes Part II

Since the last overwhelming response and comments I decided to bang my head upon a steel door and post Part Deux!

The cleric is a priest of the old and ancient gods. He heals the sick and uses the powers from his god to further his gods cause.

Armor: Any approved by their gods.
Weapons: Any approved by their gods.
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 4 levels.
Natural 20: When a Cleric rolls a natural “20” every ally gets 1d6 healing and all undead take 1d6 damage in Wisdom radius in feet and 1d6 spell levels are recharged. Every two levels the dice increases.
A cleric must have a Wisdom of 9 or more. A cleric may use his Wisdom to receive an insight from his god. He also may use his Intelligence on questions of Lore and Theology. The Cleric may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way. Normal difficulty is 10 + Damage done. The Cleric may also use his Charisma to preach to people to keep their spirits up and convince them of the right path to take. Can turn undead. Can cast Cleric Spells. He is able to fight quite well and can use any armor. The various religions restrict most clerics to blunt weapons though some gods allow for their chosen weapons. A cleric may convert any memorized spell into a healing spell at will. May use Chosen weapons of God. May wear any armor.

The magic user is the wizard and witch of old.

Armor: Cannot cast in armor without great difficulty. Must make an intelligent roll with the armor added to DC 15 to cast a spell.
Weapons: Can poorly use any weapons
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 6 levels.
Natural 20: The Mage does an Arcane Overload. This causes a magical energy to blast out at Intelligence Radius and do 1d6 to any chosen enemy in an area. In addition the Arcane Overload recharges 1d6 spell levels.

A mage must have an Intelligence of 9 or more. A magic user may use his intelligence to see if he knows any lore about any certain occult subjects. Can cast Arcane Spells. The magic user may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way. Normal difficulty is 10 + Damage done. Has 2+ Int bonus of 0 level spells and 1 plus Int bonus of first level spells plus ALL magic-users have Read Magic for free. The Mage must look for or buy any future spell he needs to cast. Can create scrolls at 1st level and create magic items at 7th level and beyond. Has the ability of Wand Use if he buys the proper wand of power. Mages can cast a spell per battle by using a slot two levels higher. They can cast two spells a battle by using a slot four levels higher. They can cast a spell every round by using a slot six levels higher.

A monk is a trained martial artist.

Armor: None by code of honor. You get +1 Dodge Bonus plus +1 every 2 levels to AC. You also add your Dex and Wis bonus to AC.
Weapons: Any but prefers fist.
Hit Points: 12+ 1d12 per level.
+1 to Hit: You get +1 to hit every 2 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” The monk can do a Flurry of Blows hitting 1d6 hits in addition to normal hits within ten feet of character, Knockback 10-60 ft, Shout that stuns the opponent for 1d6 rounds, Knockdown and stun all adjacent for one round, or Leap 10-60 ft onto and enemy.

A monk does 1d6 per hand to hand attack adding another 1d6 every 2 levels as a separate attack. A monks defense goes up one every two levels as well. Monks are honor bound to not wear armor. Monks add their Dexterity and Wisdom modifier to starting AC. A monk adds five feet to his fall distance every two levels. The monk is immune to any from of mind control and illusions at eighth level and is immune to any quest or geas at tenth. A monk may fake death at fifth level. The monk can use his Dexterity to do incredible acrobatic feats far better than the thief as well as scale sheer surfaces, move silently, and hide in shadows. The Monk may use his Wisdom to sense danger far better than any other character. The Monk can use his Wisdom or Intelligence on minor Lore questions. All Monks gain +5 Movement every 2 levels.

The noble is a steadfast fighter and natural leader.
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 4 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” you may Command all allies to move and attack as a free action and get a +2 to the attack.

The noble uses his Intelligence to recall many subjects of Lore and Heraldry. He uses his Wisdom to perceive the true motives of others. The noble also uses his Charisma to inspire or intimidate others. Many dabble in the use of magic items and scrolls as their training in lore allow them to use such things. The noble doubles the amount of starting gold.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Repost: Why do some think Dungeons Suck?

With all the talk of BORING Dungeons I decided to repost and update this old article I wrote back on 08/13/11.

Why do some think Dungeons Suck?

You hear this crap all the time from old and new school gamers. With a defiant sniff...

"Me and my players don't like dungeons. We believe in deep role-playing. Dungeons are so boring. Just going from room to room killing stuff, It's so boring and blah."

Well! Then whomever has been running (and writing) your dungeon needs a bit of schooling. If you limit your game to "no dungeons" then you are doing it wrong.

FIRST When creating a dungeon don't just make rooms, fill it with monsters, and start playing.


All dungeons should have their first purpose before they were dungeons. In my huge megadungeon "The Black Stairs" it was originally an underground colony from some unknown time. The dug too deep and found existing caverns and structures

An underground city populated by humans long ago then something terrible happened! It seems they all just disappeared or left in a great hurry.

Nature should also play a role in a dungeon. In the Black Stairs water has worked it's way in many places. There are two waterfalls that now pour through huge holes that go deep into the dungeon never filling it up. In some cases if one drops down can access the dungeon from multiple ways other than the front door.

There are also chimneys that are pouring out smoke from unknown depths as well as tracks and trails showing that this dungeon is a living place.

Dungeons should also have factions and some some way of trade and commerce though some are connected to the mythic underworld and have no rhyme or reason to them.

If a dungeon is large enough then there should also be various interested parties other than the PCs. In my Labyrinth Lord (SOON to be a BttDRPG) version there is a huge group of NPCs that belong to the local adventurer's guild who have staked "official" claim to the dungeon. A large party of over 12 NPCs. Always increase NPCs if the players were foolish enough to go back to town and brag on their adventures and show off all the treasure they found.

In the Pathfinder version I did not have time to make them (Cause the system is a clunky mess of too many rules) so they are just found dead.

You should use various descriptions to portray a sense of ancientness and oldness. The players should be able to feel the textures and smell the smells of the place.

Also make odd traps and tricks that strike the fear of death into the players.

Add elements of video games such as doors that can ONLY be unlocked by certain magical keys.

Have various NPCs from civilization give the players quest to find certain objects within the dungeon.

Let many treasures not all be gold jewels and gems. Sometimes and ancient set of books, tapestries, furniture, clothing, wine, or whatever can be the most valuable treasure.

Many intelligent monsters will be ready for the next visit of the adventurers with ambush and traps.

Maybe even a less intelligent pet is corralled for the PCs to encounter...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Basic Fantasy: A Review

In Basic Fantasy it is simply put the original Red Box mixed with D20 which is a truly great thing.

It only has four classes Fighter, Cleric, Thief. and Magic-User.

It only has four races Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Halflings with class restrictions but no level limits.

The only real D20ish thing is Ascending Armor Class other than that it is the Basic Game that many of us love with better options.

The rules are clean and perfect with many additional classes and races available for download on the site though I would most likely only allow the four if I were running Basic Fantasy Game.

Do you really need all those classes out there? Can't you just play a fighter like a ranger or barbarian and forget the details? Have your thief hire out as an Assassin? Though I must admit the Assassin supplement was written by one of the greatest gaming minds in the world and is sheer perfection possibly one of the greatest gaming supplements ever written in the universe to put it mildly.

The rules are just perfect. They work. The layout is clear and concise and the artwork and the editing is fantastic and very old school in style.

Now the free modules are where it is at! The modules are well done and very "Basic" in feel. Yes! I mean that cool about to go on an adventure feeling. They play out just like something you would have seen back in the 80s. All of them that I have read are just great old school romps!

Sadly, years ago when I ran a Basic Fantasy game the modern rule based D20 gamers acting if they were being forced to eat feces while the real gamers had a blast. Next time I run a BFRPG I will use the modules.