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The First Module for Back to the Dungeon RPG AW1 THE HILLS OF DEATH

The first adventure AW1 THE HILLS OF DEATH is in the folder.

Survive if you can!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Once upon a time: "The game was centered around the referee, and the idea of the game was to explore the referee's world."

Here is a concept (that HE noticed) Michael Mornard Played in the original Blackmoor, Greyhawk, and EPT Campaigns
"Gronan of Simmerya" aka "Old Geezer" aka "LORD Grumpy"


Inspired by the other thread in this subforum, I've been thinking about the question of how D&D has changed, and I think I've come up with what seems the biggest change to me.
When Dave started "Blackmoor", which I've been told was a team vs team game, it was his invention... he wanted to RUN a game, and got players. When it morphed into more of what we now call an RPG, it was still "Dave's game" about "Dave's world".
Likewise when Gary started running Greyhawk, it was "Gary's got this cool new game called Greyhawk. You're a bunch of guys exploring an old abandoned wizard's castle." Again, Gary created a world, and found players for it... somewhere around 20 players in the early 70s in the cow's anus that was Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
And that was the first year or so of how the game grew... "Hey, who wants to explore MY dungeon?" The game was centered around the referee, and the idea of the game was to explore the referee's world.
At some point this changed. The mindset became, "We want play being a bunch of heroes, who can we talk into refereeing?" The game became centered on the idea of the players' adventures rather than the referee's world. That's actually a pretty phenomanal paradigmatic shift, and I think it's the core change beneath all the other changes made to the game.

SO Early RPGs were CENTERED around each DM was the artist and maker of a world and players PLAYED in the DMs WORLD!  At some point this changed. The mindset became, "We want play being a bunch of heroes, who can we talk into refereeing?" The game became centered on the idea of the players' adventures rather than the referee's world.

That's actually a pretty phenomanal paradigmatic shift, and I think it's the core change beneath all the other changes made to the game.

AND it has been that way ever since kinda for the most part. VERY profound. PUTS the early DMs into another light...

JDN2006 noticed that: Gary Gygax was designing the sort of game and adventures he liked playing and he seemed to have simple tastes, with a bent towards adventure and "anyone and everyone can play" concepts. I don't know if that is true, but it's the image I get from his work. 

THORSWULF wrote this profound statement: Sadly, so many DM's I know really didn't get into the exploration of creation- they missed the point. I too have been guilty of this. Sometimes the rules seemed to be the master, not the guide. I have to wonder if the very words like handbook, guide, and manual stifle creativity?

Fantastic thread. A few gems of great wisdom and "how we did it back then"! 

HERE is the original thread.

BOOK 5 of Back to the Dungeon RPG has been released.

 Here is the FOLDER with all of the updated books as well as BOOK 5 which has material written by Charlie Warren.

Without his support and contributions to the BttDRPG project it would still be in it's most primitive stage.

Wait it still is in a primitive stage!

Print these out and enjoy!

Give a few copies to poor kids with some dice.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

SO here is my most recent edit of Back to the Dungeon RPG.

SO here is my most recent edit of Back to the Dungeon RPG

The cover files are designed to be printed out with cardstock covers.

You print the files out in booklet form like a Zine. 

Will be working on decals file for a white box. 

For those wanting something simpler to run. 

Don't know if this will be my "final" edit, but I won't be working on any more rules for awhile, just adventures. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yes Eldrad is a F¥©£ing MORON!

Hey guess what! I am a moron!

My first printing of Basic BttDRPG with four races and four classes is a waste of paper!

This MORON forgot the Wizard!

Yay! I am so brilliant!

I was about to place this first of many BttDRPG Zines in my FLGS but I am a moron and the universe is a cunt.

I need to realise that the entire world and universe is against my game.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Neoclone Quest akin to jousting windmills.

So what is this foolish quest we are on? Yes I say "we" because like me there's many a fool out there writing their own neoclone and/ or retroclone.

Why are we doing this?

At least for myself I always wanted a version of "The Fantasy Game" in a form like the old days in simplicity mixed with the new school choices of race and class.

So has the new Dungeons and Dragons invalidated the neoclones? What about retroclones?

Is it going to be the final version of " The Fantasy Game" that satisfies everyone?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The 15 rules of larp

The following 15 rules (warning: strong language) were written some years ago in Great Britain, and have been pretty much generally accepted on the British larp scene. Especially popular is rule 7 - widely known by its number and commonly considered to be the most imortant rule of all (and I agree). Even the biggest British larp forum has taken Rule7 as its name.

The rules have been originally created by the Drunken Monkeys and edited by Rick Wynne who added some extra stuff in the explanations to make them more understandable to international audience (it still contains some British larp lingo though), more work-safe and to throw in his two cents. (copy of the original wording is availablehere)

1. Don’t play a mighty warrior; play a warrior and be mighty.
Don’t label your character. As soon as you say that you are the best swordsman in the land someone will come along and kick your ass. Just get into the mindset of the person and role-play it out.

2. No one cares about your character background.
Really. Don’t tell me about your character and how great he is. It gets boring after the first 50 people or so have told you the same thing. The character is important to you, let that be enough.

3. You are not the Highlander.
There is an urban myth that after the first LotR movie came out no less than 9 characters called Legolas turned up to the Gathering. You are not the only one.

4. No one likes an elf
Are you playing an elf because you are genuinely interested in playing an alien mindset, or so you can be a human with pointy ears? Are you going to be yet another namby-pamby, wishy-washy, lowest-common-denominator, bleeding heart liberal over-used hackneyed fantasy concept? Your race doesn't make your character different from the real-life you, the way you act does.

5. You are not your vet picks. You are not your skill list. You are not your fucking lammies. You are not unique. You are the all singing all dancing shit of the system.
Your skills/ special abilities/ mingy items of ultimate doom do not define your character. Who he is, what he does, and what he wants are the things you should concentrate on. Most importantly do not try to be unique, fitting with the concept is better than breaking it. Min/maxing power gamer munchkins are role play killers.

6. Your character doesn't go clubbing.
Some folks think there is nothing sadder than seeing people in clubs wearing their larp kit. People walking around in-character like they have just stepped out of a Rocky Horror Picture Show is equally as bad. Kit or goth, don’t confuse the two is the saying. Not sure I completely agree but one thing is certain, pick your kit to match the IC setting!

7. Don’t take the piss.
You heard the man.

8. I do not want to find your character in a book.
Larp is littered with plagiarism. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Be inspired by books, fine, but at least change the damn names.

9. Drum-rolling is for marching bands.
Weapons, my friend, are pretty damn heavy. Act like it. I want to see huge, heroic, Conan-like sword swings! Tippy tappy flicky fighting makes it look like you are fighting with foam. That does not mean you need to move in slow motion!

10. Being hit hurts, bitch.
When someone hits you it hurts. A lot. Even if it doesn't kill your character you should be crying like a big girl. React to being hit, no matter what type of armor you are wearing!

11. I don’t give a damn what would really happen.
The “what would happen in real life” argument is the first resort of the loser. Repeat after me, “it’s fantasy, it’s just a game, this is not real life.” Its not re-enactment. Don't worry about authentic, but try to be coolthentic.

12. Yeah, but you didn't. Get over it.
Quit living in the past, man. Let it go!

13. What’s an “out-of-character”? Are you ill?
If you’re in an in-character area, and its during time in, then be in character. If you want to be out of character for whatever reason then go somewhere else. You are only spoiling the enjoyment of those around you. We are all props in each others' game.

14. They only killed your character. Get over it.
Invest in your character to get the most out of him. When he dies, though, just let it go. If anyone starts moping and bitching because their fictional character has ceased to exist then they’ll get a visit from the Sad Bastard Police, Muppet Division.

15. Your character is not you in fancy dress.
If you need this rule explaining to you then you also need your head checked. Leave the event and go see a doctor.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What if in Back to the Dungeon RPG?

What if I got rid of all my classes and just had four classes ONLY.

Warrior - The Fighting man
Wanderer - The skirmisher or ranger type.
Wastrel - The thief criminal type.
Weaver - The caster of magic of all kinds.

HMMM What if?

Friday, June 20, 2014

5E Musings?

So far it looks like just another version of 3rd Edition with just a few things left out.

The monsters thus the work of the DM has been shortened but not enough. Maybe they will have the monsters on cards or something.

The introductory modules can rot on the shelf at the prices they are wanting for the thinness of the product. Maybe if I did not already feel goug4ed already.  

The artwork and what they want to do with the Forgotten Realms looks really good.

I can't see any reason a serious Pathfinder player would stop playing Pathfinder over 5E.

I could see a GM looking at it and thinking how much easier it could be.

IF I were WotC I would have returned to a much simpler game with modern options (like BttDRPG) and then came out with incredible artwork and modules. I would have had D&D Television shows animated and live action, movies, more video games, and got the game out quicker.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Back to the Dungeon Role Playing Game

Here is the latest version of the Back to the Dungeon RPG !!!

Hope you enjoy this edited version with a Table of Contents.

Got to go to bed!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

TERRO ATTACKS An adventure for Hero's Mag Role Playing Game!

Here is a simple yet challenging scenario for the pen and paper free form dice assisted Supers RPG called Hero's Mag.
Setting: In the city center, business district, amongst the sky scrapers.

Terro the Morph able to change into almost any shape and form. Terro is infiltration the Zeus Corporation a biomedical corporation with ties to the Dark Masters. He hopes to release the terrible Bio-Genoids upon the city to expose what the Zeus Corporation has been doing. He also is going to steal a few million in trade secrets and is going to try and get some insider trader info. He is going to leave evidence of the Cartel preforming this job.

Tornadoh the Spinner is waiting to help out Terro and is being paid well to do so. He will provide the proper distraction for Terro to do his infiltration and sabotage when he gets the signal. Tornadoh is not interested in fighting just causing havoc. If it gets too tough he will retreat.

Boomer Slice the Weapons Master is setting the place up with hundreds of robot drones all stashed and in hiding. When the signal is given the drones will be activated and will patrol the area around the Zeus Corporation headquarters. When the job is done and his boss is clear, missiles will hit the building until it collapses. At the same time three refineries will also have bombs go off.

Lilith Black the Psion She will gain control of many gangs and pose as a gang member. She will have the gangs attack in full force after the drones come out and take out any police resistance. Lilith will fade into the crowd after everything is over.

Someone has been tapping into the Zeus Corporation's mainframe according to the news.

Massive weapon shipments of weapons have been coming into the city.

Gangs have been unifying and gathering strength. The opposing gangs are being whipped out. People are leaving the city. Even the police are being killed out. Don't ask questions!

Some kind of Drone was found by some nosy kids.

A mysterious benefactor notifies the characters of a dead executive that was seen in the office the next day. When everyone told him that they though he was dead he ran out panicked! Many o the executives go missing for long periods of time, have been missing days, or are acting strange.

Terro the Morph able to change into almost any shape and form. He is an expert brawler and can morph himself into vary strong and resistant forms. Strong enough to throw small cars and resistant enough against small arms fire. He is an expert actor and is very well educated. 
Tornadoh the Spinner is a cyborg with a gyroscopic spinning propulsion system made back in the 70s from alien technology. He can create whirlwinds that are powerful enough to knock over cars and trucks and blow over small buildings. He loves to break windows and throw glass everywhere! He cannot control the whirlwinds very well so most of the time it is just mindless destruction. He can fly at around 300 MPH and his suit is an aerodynamic shell that can stop small missile fire. Tornahdoh has very little skills or knowledge as he was given the Spinner Cybernetics by a crime lord he later betrayed. A few government officials are still looking for the Spinner Cybernetics.

Boomer Slice the Weapons Master is an egotistical merc with access to all kinds of hi technological weapons. He has machine gun drones that can fly and shoot, missile drones that have a four missile payload then they kamikaze and explode with depleted uranium shrapnel, a multi fire super machine gun with over ten different kinds of shots, a booby trapped jet pack for escape, a booby trapped jet bike in the sewer for escape, as well as a huge drone helicopter to come and get him.

Lilith Black the Psion is a normal looking teenage girl all dressed in black. Very Gothic. She can manipulate and influence most people she meets and change their actual though patterns. She will use anyone as cannon fodder to escape.

Bio-Genoids are huge biomechanical beings. They have strength to throw around cars and alloy claws. Hardy and able to withstand small gunfire and very stealthy. They cannot talk but are very adept at survival. The 20 that are released will attempt to fight their way out of the public view and go into combat survival mode.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back to the Dungeon Zine for LL/AEC Issue 5 released today!

BACK to the Dungeon ZINE

Issue 1.1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back to the Dungeon RPG Wizard and Sorcerer (FLAILSNAILS)

Tired of the one spell wonders? Try these casters of magic with the mixture of old school simplicity with new school options.

The very ancient order of wizards has existed for tens of thousands of years though civilizations ups and downs. Some say it was Wizards that brought the world to its near end at least more than once but that their knowledge and lore is lost to the ancient times. Now they are a fading memory with only a few Wizard orders in existence putting out only a few suitable Wizards a year to assist mankind or at least that is what they claim. Unfortunately there are not enough of them to police all of the evil in the world and the Wizards that turn evil. There are smaller independent Wizards that do not belong to the guilds and they must guard themselves against the jealous and controlling guilds.

The Wizard may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way. Normal difficulty is 10 + Damage done.

A Wizard may use his intelligence to see if he knows any lore about any certain occult subjects and can make a herbal based healing suave that restores 1 or 2 points but would slow disease and or slows poison. Wizards can cast Arcane Spells.

The Wizard must look for or buy any future spell he needs to cast. Can create scrolls and create magic items but this is very dangerous at low levels. Wizard have Spell Points equal to their Int score and start out with four zero level spells, two first level spells, and one second level spell plus their Int bonus to “buy” starting spells or a list of 6 + Int bonus if you want to buy them yourself.

Armor: Cannot cast in armor without great difficulty. Must make an intelligent roll with the armor added to DC 15 to cast a spell.
Weapons: Can poorly use any weapons
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
To Hit: -1
Natural 20: The Mage does an Arcane Overload. This causes a magical energy to blast out at Intelligence Radius and do 1d6 to any chosen enemy in an area. In addition the Arcane Overload recharges 1d6 spell levels.

MAGIC in BttDRPG Magic is very connected to the attributes. Much of the power and ranges are connected to the attributes.

Difficulty: Most spells are connected to the attribute bonus + a DC of 10 + the level of the spell. Instead of a set DC 10 a D20 could be rolled making each spell random with a chance of critical success or failure. It is up to the Game Master to make the judgment call as either way works fine.

Ranges: Spells range for most spells are (Int/Wis/Cha) x 10 feet except for 0 level spells which are in (Int/Wis/Cha) feet.

Durations: Most spells last one round or (Int/Wis/Cha) in rounds IF it has set duration.

Spell Points: Wizard have Spell Points equal to their Int score (plus 1d6 Spell Points each additional level) and start out with four zero level spells, two first level spells, and one second level spell plus their Int bonus to “buy” starting spells or a list of 6 + Int bonus if you want to buy them yourself. You can cast spells equal to your level plus the attribute bonus.

For example Eldrad the Wizard has an Int of 16 (+2) so he starts out with four zero level spells, two first level spells, and one second level spell and with his (+2) Int bonus he decide on two more 0 level spells and one more first to add to his starting Spell Book. He chooses Detection, Light, Mage Hand, Minor Message, Pain, Prestidigitation, and all mages get Read Magic for free. He choose Bolt and Slumber for his level 1 spells and Illusion for his second level spells. If he is getting ready to adventure he must memorize his spells before going out. He decides to memorize Detection x4 (1/2 x 2), Light x2 (1/2 x 1), Bolt x8 (1 x 8), Slumber x3 (1 x 3), Illusion x1 (2 x 1) costing 16 Spell Points.

Spells cost 1/2 at 0 level and their cost from then on equals their level. For example a 3rd level spell cost 3 spell points.

A sorcerer is a caster of magic much like a wizard except that his magic is not learned it comes naturally. This cause great envy fear and sometimes disdain from the wizard community as well as everyone else and the rivalry is ancient as there was a terrible wizardry and sorcery war many hundreds of years ago. After one who is to be a sorcerer goes through puberty (some sooner) they begin to gain their powers making most Sorcerers very young and foolish yet full of power. Most Sorcerers are also slightly insane as eldritch symbols and secrets travel through their untrained in magic minds. Having a very high Charisma normally they are considered manipulators and disturbers of the natural order of things. A Sorcerer must have a fairly high Charisma. Sorcerers always look odd or exotic and tend to look in a certain way such as angelic, bestial, draconic, or (or whatever) demonic.

The Sorcerer may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way.

He may use his Intelligence for lore but past that he knows very little.
He can use his Wisdom to perceive magic in an area and at higher levels even tell what the magic is.
The sorcerer can also use his Charisma for fashion sense, to fascinate or manipulate others, seduce, and hypnotize them. Unlike mages they do not have to memorize their spells and use their Charisma instead of Intelligence for obtaining spells points.

They only start out with two zero level spells and one first level spell plus their Cha bonus. They gain their Cha bonus in spells each level.
Armor: Cannot cast in armor.
Weapons: They can use any weapons.
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
To Hit: +0
Natural 20: On a natural “20” the sorcerer does a Sorcerer Storm that does 1d6 damage to all foes plus blasted back 10 feet every two levels at Charisma Radius.

Sorcerers cast differently they get to spend their spell points as they will BUT they get a much smaller selection than mages. They do not have to memorize their spells and use their Charisma instead of Intelligence for obtaining spells points.

They only start out with two zero level spells and one first level spell plus their Cha bonus. You can cast spells equal to your level plus the attribute bonus.

For example Selene the Sexy has a Cha of 18 (+3) so she gets two zero level spells and one first level spell plus their Cha bonus of (+3). She decides to spend two points on Air Blast a send level spell and get one more 1st level spell. Her powers are as follows. Light and Pain for her 0 level spells Costing her 1/2 a point to cast), Bolt, Charm and Summon Monster I for her 1st level spells (Costing her 1 spell point to cast), and finally Air Blast (costing her 2 spell points to cast).

Selene gains 1d6 spell points a level and her Cha bonus each level to obtain more powers.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back to the Dungeon RPG Assassins and Rouges (FLAILSNAILS)

Assassins are highly trained hired killers that exist in secret brotherhoods and cabals around the ancient world. Anyone can be a killer but only the assassin guilds choose the most deadly and then hone them into a finely trained killing machine. Assassins tend to dress very lightly and are always prepared to escape any situation as if they are found out they would be hung or burnt at the stake. Assassins specialize in the quick kill only if the opponent is unaware and fails his save. Only one chance is given for a surprise attack. They tend to wear light armor and can use any weapons. An assassin has all the abilities of a Rogue.
An assassin uses his Strength to climb and hold himself in hiding places for long periods of time.

The assassin uses his Dexterity to do acrobatic feats of agility. The Assassin is a flinger of darts and daggers and may fling one plus his Dexterity bonus per round.
Constitution score is used in assisting how long the assassin can stay in hiding in a cramped or difficult place. The Assassin also uses his Constitution resist poison and drugs which improves as character levels up.

If the assassin uses his Intelligence he may brew up poisons or drugs.

He uses his Wisdom to shadow a victim.

The assassin use his Charisma to charm and fool victims and if he is clever enough to disguise himself act like another person. If medium or higher armor is worn subtract one point for every point past AC 12. Assassinate (DC10-Level)+(+1 DC) per level of victim only on a surprise attack. Their unarmed Attack does 1d6.

Hit Points: 8 HP + 1d8 a level.
Armor: Up to Leather without penalty
Weapons: All
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: On a natural “20” the Assassin may Eviscerate an opponent causing instant death unless the victim saves 10 + damage done, Gory Bleeding that does 1d6 for 1d4 rounds, Blinded giving a -4 to all actions, blood spray to blind another opponent two squares away giving a -4 until he wipes the blood out of his eyes. Make a victim gimped giving you -2 to all actions and half speed. A morale roll may be in order.

The Rogue can be a trained criminal, a thief, the master of stealth and locks, a charmer, or conman. A Rogue can be many things though most depend on their dexterity and craftiness. Some are nothing of the sort using their ability to manipulate others by their sheer personality. In some cases these more criminally organized sorts kinds will gather together and form Thievery Guilds.

The Rogue uses his Strength to climb sheer surfaces that no other class can climb.

The Rogue uses his Dexterity to pick locks, pick pockets, stealth, and other criminal activities. The Rogue is a flinger of darts and daggers and may fling one plus his Dexterity bonus per round.

They use their Constitution to hang out in hidden places to stalk their prey. If they hit a victim with a surprise or flanking attack they do an additional 1d6 damage every two levels.

The Rogue use his Intelligence to decipher maps and magic scrolls as well as ancient text if he is literate. They have knowledge of various poisons and their effects. They also speak a thieves cant which varies from area to area.
The Rogue uses his Wisdom to spot hidden things and to notice traps and tricks. He can also use his Wisdom to shadow someone in a crowd.

Many Rogues are glib tongues and use their Charisma to charm and convince others.
Armor: Anything past Leather interferes with abilities.
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
To Hit: +0
Natural 20: On a natural “20” a rogue may Slow an opponent causing him to move at half speed until healed, Stun the opponent for 1d4 rounds, or cause 1 point bleeding for 1d6 rounds.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Rangers Kickstarter: A movie by people who love what they do!

You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.
Lt. Wolf and his Wolf Pack, an elite unit of Rangers, uncover a long-forgotten peril of ancient evil reawakening in this epic fantasy.
A new legend created by Ron Newcomb, a huge fantasy fan and award winning director, with the vision and skills to bring this bold and gritty tale into reality. Together, with your help, the team of creative minds, talented craftsmen, and actors can greenlight this epic fantasy, “The Rangers.”

The Rangers is about a special force of elite warriors known as Rangers. What is a Ranger? Rangers are mysterious warriors who operate on the fringe of the kingdom of Olaran, using their unique set of wilderness skills to bring justice to the borderlands. Founded many years ago by King Alirion who saw the need to have a force of warriors loyal to the crown, outside of the highly political royal court and aristocratic knights of the military, as a first line of defense. A force that could be the eyes, ears, voice, and hand of the king in the wilds. They are the beacon lighters, they are the law and order to the distant boundaries of the realm, set on the frontiers to guard and watch the borders of the Kingdom. Our story follows the adventures of the unit of Rangers led by Lieutenant Brander Noke, also known as Wolf, for his ferocious, savage, and often unorthodox pursuit of elves during The Elf Wars, and their new rookie Soren Fell, a half elf, whose identity may hold the key to unlocking the enigma of the gathering darkness. Together, they must strive to help their world to overcome the greatest challenge of their time, while they face their own personal demons. Can the Rangers save their world?

The World of The Rangers
The World of The Rangers
The Rangers is set in a world of high fantasy. It is a rich multi-layered and complex world, with it’s own mythos and lexicon of heroes and races. When we began conceiving the world of The Rangers we started with a creation myth and a timeline for the history of the world, in the same vein as Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings". Drawing from our extensive role playing backgrounds and an almost Dungeons & Dragons style adventure world creation, we strove to produce a “Game of Thrones” level of intrigue in our realm, with surprises for the characters and viewers around every castle corner, and treacherous mountain pass.

Ranger Seal
Ranger Seal
You may have pictured Rangers like when Strider first appears puffing on his pipe at the Prancing Pony, or The Rangers of The North, maybe your vision of a Ranger was Robin Hood, or Drizzt Do’urden, possibly The Night’s Watch comes to mind, maybe even your favorite D&D character, The Rangers are all of that and more. They are even a bit Jedi (well at least, what I thought Jedi were as I grew up in the '80s - not as in with the force, but their awe and respect). We can't wait to get to filming The Rangers Summer of 2014 around the Northern Virginia (US) areas.
~Loyalty~Honor~Courage~Forever~The Rangers

The Rangers at its core is a story of a team, a band of brothers. It takes a team effort to make a great fantasy project like The Rangers come to fruition; here are some of the major players on the project:

Ben Dobyns - Zombie Orpheous Entertainment 
Kynan Griffin - Arrowstorm Entertainment
Jason Faller - Arrowstorm Entertainment
Ralph Singleton - IMDB
Medieval Collectibles - get your gear!
WarPaint - comics anyone?
Middle-Earth Network - fans becoming creators.
Join your blade to ours and help us create the quality fantasy entertainment you long to see! The power is in your hands “vote” for the content you want to see by backing The Rangers. Ron and Scott’s film “Rise of the Fellowship” won Best Feature Film at GenCon in 2012 and got domestic and international distribution. Their critically acclaimed documentary, “Made in the USA,” is also in distribution. Skip Lipman was one of the major creative forces behind the documentary, Darkon The Movie. Darkon won the Best Documentary Audience Award at the 2006 South By Southwest Festival, in Austin and has grown to cult classic status. We are proven filmmakers, and proud of these films, but this is the world we dream to be in now. Back the The Rangers and Kickstart this project!
The Rangers is currently in full scale pre-production, with all that entails. We are working hard towards hammering-out, honing, and finalizing our epic script. (our team of writers has turned out an awesome story for us to work with!) We have already completed a successful concept photo shoot and created some great looking test footage. Now we are deep in, scouting, confirming locations, and assembling a winning team. The time is upon us, and we are asking for your support to take this project the next level!

The funds we acquire through this Kickstarter will be carefully allocated. Our business plan will see the money carefully used for getting this film through production as well as post-production. With the highest possible production value we can squeeze out of every dollar invested. We need to pay for the talent, an elite film crew and their equipment, props, wardrobe, special effects make-up, CGI, post-production, marketing, insurance, and craft services (gotta feed 'em). DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR AKA THE BIG PICTURE We have big plans for The Rangers, so we also have well thought out STRETCH GOALS, when the landslide of support we hope for materializes.

Where we'll spend the funds raised.
Where we'll spend the funds raised.

We can do it!
We can do it!

We want you to be as excited about this project as we are, so we have come up with a collection of great rewards for your support. Don’t stop there! Join us and become an ambassador for this project by backing it and then, sounding the call to arms, share this page and help get the word out about The Rangers.

LARP Ranger Sword - Reward
LARP Ranger Sword - Reward

Example Reward -  Custom belt buckle designed and made by UK artist James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop.
Example Reward - Custom belt buckle designed and made by UK artist James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop.

Concept CCG Card by artist Dan Rebeiz & designer Nikole Jones
Concept CCG Card by artist Dan Rebeiz & designer Nikole Jones
We have taken a transmedia approach in the concept of The Rangers from its inception. Developing The Rangers Card Game and commissioning the Lt. Wolf miniature with an eye towards a tabletop battle game, in conjunction with the film development. With plans for novelizing the story, a graphic novel, a video game down the road, and more in the works. The goal, fantasy entertainment with total fan engagement and satisfaction in mind. The Rangers has a whole world of imagination to explore, join us on the journey and help us take the next steps in the great adventure.

Reward Summary
Reward Summary

Want to Audition for The Rangers? 

What can I do?

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

BttDRPG my version of the Fighter and Barbarian (also for FLAILSNAILS)

Here are my version of the old classes. 

The brave and strong Fighter is the backbone of any adventuring group. He is the first line of defense against any and all threats. Fighters can be of any background and come from anywhere. Most Fighters depend on their Strength to do great damage on their opponents in combat. The Fighter answers most conflict with weapons drawn. They are trained at all weapons and armor. They are the simplest class to play.

The Fighter may use his Strength to perform a feat of Strength such as moving heavy objects that no other characters can use.

The Fighter may also use his Intelligence to see the quality of weapons and armor.

A Fighter may also use his Wisdom to keep control of his horse or other steed. The Fighter may also keep his undivided attention on opponents that if they try and get past him or attack anyone else, he will get a free attack against as many enemies as his Wisdom Bonus even if he has already taken an action this round.

A Fighter can cleave one extra victim every two levels. You are proficient in all weapons and armor.

Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 10 + 1d10 per level.
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: Fighters get the Melee Critical Hit ability. When they roll a natural “20” they automatically do triple damage in Melee Combat only. This damage continues to cleave to the next monster if the first one dies from the massive damage. Critical hits improve to x4 at 4th level x 5 at 8th level improving every 4 levels. 

Barbarians are warriors from primitive civilizations that exist far from the gleaming decadent walled cities of mankind. Barbarians are very much feared in the borderlands of civilizations! They fight to exist in the plains, swamps, forest, highlands, and badlands against the hordes of vile humanoids and undead that lurks in great numbers in the ancient wildernesses. Barbarians are the warrior of the Primal Wildernesses that separate the small bastions of mankind. These daily challenges to life itself forge the powerful and strong Barbarians. Barbarians tend to distrust magic unless it is from ones that also lurk in the wildernesses such as Druids. Barbarians are quick to answer any challenge with huge blades and have very little problem killing those who cross them in the slightest offense. Barbarians use the primal rage that comes from having to survive in wild and monster filled wildernesses.

Barbarians use their Strength to perform Feats of Strength, Jumping long distances, and climbing sheer cliffs but not as good as a thief.

They use their Dexterity to perform stealth as good as a thief as long as they are in leather armor or less.

They use their Constitution to drink large amounts of alcohol, ignore pain, and resist poisons and drugs.

They use their Wisdom to sense the weather and wilderness survival.

They use their Charisma to intimidate and push around lesser people.

With two handed weapons may cleave +1 creature per level. Their Critical hits go up every four levels like Fighting Men every four levels but start out at only x2 damage. This means that when you kill one creature your blade passes through it to the next creature. You continue this as long as the victim dies and until you run out of cleaves or movement. Rage which gives +2 to hit and damage for Constitution in Rounds plus 1 a level. Barbarians must roll Wisdom or Higher to come out of Rage. All barbarians gain +5 to Movement every 2 levels if wearing light armor. Barbarians gain 1 point of damage reduction every five levels.

Hit Points: 12 HP+ 1d12 a level.
Armor: Any but prefer to wear lighter armor as heavy armor is a sign of weakness in their society.
Weapons: Any but prefer large two-handed weapons
Hit Points: 12 + 1d12 per level.
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: On a natural “20” you hit all adjacent friend or foe sending them flying 10 feet and stunning them for one round doing normal damage. The distance increases by 10ft every 5 levels. The flying opponents take 1d6 per 10 ft thrown.