Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Novel Role Playing Game Universal Chart

The Novel Role Playing Game Universal Chart 

Here is the secrets of role-playing. 

No rules, just a chart to solve your problems. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Pit of Bones Old School 5E Module

The Pit of Bones
Long long ago in the ancient times of old. They dug deep into the stone ground, the Pit of Bones.
That's not how it was said when the world was so young.
It was spoken, whispered, and screamed in another tongue. They disturbed the unquiet dead buried and locked away long ago. Locked away and forgotten where the sane folk should not go. Disturb foolishly not the foul undead. Least you die horribly and your blood flows red. Beware the eyeless death from the red throne. The dead old king will strip your meat from your bloody bones!
That's the tale the old women tell when they want foolish children to not wander into the ancient ruins in the Scaredark Woods and to stay away from the most obvious ruin the old Pit of Bones.
There have been rumors for years of how "It be full of treasure neath tha ol Bonehole" but none have ever had a reason to wander that far into the edges of the Scaredark Forest till now.
The village of Old Tree is in trouble. The merchant caravans aren't coming and the crops have been very poor due to the Famine then floods this year.
It is said that foul beastmen from the wilderness deep have been raiding the merchant caravans out of the edge of the Scaredark near the cursed old ruins. Near where the Pit of Bones is.