Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diorama Fantasy Idea

I have had this Diorama Fantasy Event Idea for many years. Imagine a huge floorspace with twenty or more 8' x 4' plywood tables all spaced all around the room where two people could easily pass. In some cases like villages and cities one could have seating around the tables. Now imagine each table had a huge Diorama made for miniatures on it making a huge map. Each table fully detailed with trees and buildings, built in mood lighting and sound effects. Now imagine a huge game with multiple Game Masters and Multiple Parties of Adventurers running all over this map. Kind of like a huge indoor Miniature Event? A giant living game? The system would have to be easy to run.
Not just one small scene but the entire village, the lands surrounding it, and in rooms off to the side huge multilevel dungeons.
Heck even a few villages.
Possibly not even human settlements.
Now many of the dungeons would have to use modular pieces to be used over and over again.
Huge Old School Dungeons
Full of Mystery and magic.
Think about mood lighting and such. Maybe even spotlights in dark dungeon areas to get the feel of being in a dungeon. Imagine day and night scenes. Flashes of lighting and thunderstorm sounds. Smoke and Fog? Imagine the rumbling of the room and red lights as a volcano went off!
What adventures could you have in something like this? How fun would it be to Game Master an event of the kind? How fun would it be to run an event of the kind?
Imagine if something like this really got big and there even started to have castle sieges. The system would have to support huge battles!
SO is it possible to create such a huge event/ playing area? If the space was not permanent then all of it would have to be mobile but imagine if somehow a huge floorspace was secured and something like this could be played all the time. Indoor miniature diorama parks? Places to play, hang out, eat and drink, and be merry? For a nominal fee? Wouldn't that be cool? Somebody go make one!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game PLAYTEST VERSION 0.9 Released Today!

PLAYTEST VERSION 0.9 Released Today! January 28 2012. Willing and able to be dissected by the OSR and other populace Eldrad and D&D Charlie present: Playtest Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game Version 0.9!!! Cut and past link below because the Link button is being stupid and not posting a damn thing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What I think D&D 5E is going to look like.

Well listening to everything so far it appears that D&D Next is going to re-energize the hobby but disappoint a few edition fanatics. If they can pull this off I think it is going to look more like a modular version of D&D Essentials. Essential got a very harsh rap but it is an attempted olive branch to the older version players. Regardless someone is going to get left out in this attempt. I wish they would quit jabbering and get the freaking play test material out there to try. Are they going to keep the overly HUGE amount of hit points that bogged 4th edition down? Are they going to get rid of needless complexity such as +27 to hit an Armor Class of 32 instead of a +1 to hit an AC of 14? Yes I know you can add but it slows down the game for just a second and these seconds add up. Math makes your mind break from the imagination. Another problem is many players are good role players but terrible rule players. The burden of the player now having to know the ALL the rules is totally wrong for some gamers and wrong for the game. Some people want to play a game not read a freaking huge rulebook. I hope they put the Dungeon Master back in the seat of having to know the rules and the players just to have fun with the story. Will that happen? Most likely not. On that, the rules need to be easy to run a game. Full page monsters are a worthless addition to the realm of the DM save a few important NPCs. This seems to be the wave of the future but we shall see.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Level are You?

What Level are You? In the world of gamers what level are you in gamer street cred? If you played OD&D then you are at least 20th level. If you played AD&D or Holmes you are at least 18 level. If you played the Basic Expert you are at least 16th level. If you played AD&D 2nd Edition you are at least 12th level. If you played D&D 3E you are at least 10th level. If you played D&D 3.5 you are at least 8th level. If you played D&D 4E you are at least 6th level. If you played Pathfinder you are at least 4th level. If you played D&D Essentials you are at least 2th level. If you have never played then you are now level 1 and need to start leveling up!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

WORTHLESS! Steam and Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale

I did not notice that the really cheap ass game Daggerdale was a Steam Powered Product. What is Steam? Only the crappiest of all security online delivery systems of PC Games in the history of gaming. FUCK STEAM! I once had a working copy of Half-Life2 and went to install it on a new computer and forgot which email I used for the account. Banned forever. No support or help of any kind. I tried to get help with hundred of emails but to no avail. SO I go and buy Daggerdale and don't notice the Steam bullshit logo on the game. I decide to give Steam a try again. Poor stupid me. Even with high speed internet it takes almost 3 days to download something. What the fuck did I buy the disk for? My ass hurting after all that downloading of something I finally get to play Daggerdale. Not too bad. I really don't like Steam coming on hogging resources if I don't need it so I take it off my start menu. Maybe that was my sin. SO I play the game a total of 35 minutes. Tonight I try and start it up and it crashes. It's downloaded a total of 2779 MB so the mother fucker should have all the resources to run but no! It crashes. It crashes again and again. WOW I am so impressed. Yet another STEAMy piece of shit. Do yourself a favor. Don't buy Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale. Don't EVER use a Steampowered product. STEAM sucks. STEAM does not care or answer their customers concerns. When I called the Valve studios and explained that no one from STEAM will help me they hung up on me. Dicks! Instead of throwing the STEAMpowerd product away like I should have I gave them another chance and they once again failed.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Passing of Bob Bledsaw Sr.

A tribute. I really bet his games were awesome! If any of his former players would like to post a few stories it would be great! 04/22/08 - The Passing of Bob Bledsaw Sr. Born May 18, 1942 in Decatur, succumbed peacefully to cancer April 19th, 2008 in the home of his son, surrounded by family. A graduate of Lakeview Highschool and Richland Community College, attended Millikin University. He was employed as an engineer by A.W.Cash, Grigoliet, Essex Wire, General Electric and Zexel Illinois, contributing to the developement of quadrophonic sound-systems. In 1976, with partner Bill Owen, founded The Judges Guild Game Company of Decatur, manufacturers of role-playing games and supplies. Through this venture, he became known world-wide as an author and pioneer of Fantasy Gaming, and president of the company. Robert was a faithful member of the Parkway Church of the Nazarene, with deep affection for his church-family there. Politically, he was an active liberal Democrat, who hated all war, and supported our constitutional liberties. He contributed to many charities, and was a devoted and loving son, brother, father, uncle, and grandfather. He touched, through his life and works, many lives throughout this world. He was survived by his father, Walter C. Bledsaw of Decatur, IL; two brothers, Jim (Lynette) Bledsaw of Chanhassen, MN, Bill (Priscilla) Bledsaw of Niantic, IL, and three sisters, Judith (Decie) Huffaker of Murfreesboro, TN, Kathy (Patrick) Eytchison of Lincoln, IL, and Debi (Marc) Summerlott of Decatur, IL; his former wife, Norma Ellrick of Latham, IL; three sons: Robert E. (Jenny) Bledsaw Jr. of Harristown, IL, Bruce A. (Tammy) Bledsaw of Warrensburg, IL, and Walter S. (Kathy) Bledsaw of Decatur, IL; seven grandchildren: (Robert Jr.) Robert E. Bledsaw III, Martin F. Bledsaw, Samuel J. Bledsaw, Aaron J. Bledsaw, Jason W. Bledsaw, Courtney L. Bledsaw, and (Walter) Zane T. Bledsaw; several nephews, nieces, great nephews and great nieces. He was preceded in death by his loving mother, Dorothy E. "Dort"; infant daughter, Kathleen Sue and infant granddaughters: (Bruce) Elizabeth, Lucinda, and Hope. Services to be held at Parkway Church of the Nazarene, 2701 E. Faries Parkway, Decatur, Illinois at 10A.M. Wednesday, April 23rd, followed by interment at Graceland Cemetery. It is the wish of family that any memorials in his honor be made to this good church.