Sunday, September 24, 2017

REPOST! Raven's Keep Gazette and Rumormonger

  Raven's Keep Gazette and Rumormonger 


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Deep down gaming blues... Steppin Back PII

In the LAST depressing post about gaming life was not too good. I went through a creative phase with a rules light variant to everything called DUNGEONPUNK RPG but that excitement has waned as well. It's just a hard concept to write down it seems...I did get a surprising response but some nameless person one starred me. At least say why you think it sucks that bad... BUT anyway...

I get back into a creative mode for Back to the Dungeon RPG and start having ideas flow. Things keep coming to me. Then when I go to get my BttDRPG folder, it was simply gone. Not just kinda I set it somewhere there it is! NO! I mean it's now to the level of a paranormal event gone. I mean WTF where the hell is it gone! 

I have looked every possible logical place I could have put it. I have looked into every possible illogical place I could have put it. I have looked for an entire month.

With the lack of response from my players and the entire universe making sure I can't game, no one would have or could have stolen it. I have much of it electronic but there are papers that cannot be redone from their moment of inspiration that are now lost.

None of that matters anyway as my attempts to create an ongoing campaign that actually allows characters to grow instead of game jumping and much to long sessions of making new characters for the next cool game continues it's onslaught.

The new group of players I pulled together for BttDRPG have slowly started the "hey I got this game we can try!" while the universe from the other direction foils any and all plans of gaming.

One of the chosen people that I chose for his game mastering skill surprisingly didn't even want to join my campaign vision YET he complains of game switching.  

None of these people actually have more than five sessions of any one game. I have heard that three games is the average fro this little group. Piles of characters siting around. Now it is a part of my group. Meh! 

There are groups out there actually developing their characters and actually having campaigns. I can't really try and rudely barge in with my vision.

SO if you are actually having life workout where you can actually get gaming to happen AND you actually have a campaign going, savor it. Some of us are watching life go by and can't do anything about it.