Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stepping Back....

😒My last few games I ran, I feel went like crap. I am so trying.

I used to be a fantastic Dungeon Master.

I have also had huge spans of time where I was working turnarounds so huge spans between games. The campaign, no matter how hard I have tried just does not go anywhere. You know when you have written a great adventure and knocked it out of the park. You know when you put obvious hints. The players also seem to have amazing abilities to roll 20s as well which would be exciting but they do it almost every combat. 

I am burnt the hell out. My rules don't excite me anymore. Still so much more to do but I don't feel like messing with them anymore. 

Going to go back to Basic, Delving Deeper, Basic Fantasy, or Labyrinth Lord. I want 3D6 in Order, save or die, "give the players nothing that they don't work for" gaming.  

The last session, nobody showed up at the dudes house. Some were sick and some just ignored the game time posting so screw it. People ought to know that one can tell if you look at their Facebook posting. I will let someone else run games. 

I am done as a game master for the time being.   💀


  1. Sometimes the magic fades for a bit. when RPGs get dull or I get tired of them a little bit, it's time for board games and oddly enough just playign a bunch of board games seems to cleanse my palette.

  2. Might try that. Not a bad idea at all.