Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Adventurer's Guild: The Giant Con Game...

The Adventurer's Guild: The Giant Con Game...

I keep having this idea pop into my head. A giant continuous game of D&D with huge amounts of players and multiple DMs. All in one location as either a part of a con or the entire event. It could be done if everyone running the event is on the same page and the DMs are top notch. First event you can start low and then go high. You can just use paper maps and minis. Unless sanctioned, use everything! As the events grow, then you can get terrain and really build the tables up. Here is my proposed plans to do this.

The Gateway to Adventure

First you need a place for new players to enter and register or get characters. All new players start off at 1st level. If there is some kind of ranking system then the player may possibly start off at higher than 1st level. More details on the Ranking Systems later. 

You need a computer with internet and a printer. In many cases there are quick character generators to aid in the fast creation of characters. Point buy to keep things fair and prevent cheating. Once a character is registered or obtained the players head to The Tavern with their characters if they didn't already bring one. One also obtains at least a paper mini to represent themselves on the map if they didn't already bring their own mini.  A player could also bring pictures of their character as well to show what they exactly look like.
It is suggested that one comes with a group to form a party. 

The Tavern

The Tavern like all the maps are on 1 inch grids. Have a tavern big enough for the players to fit all their minis because here is where parties are formed. It is here where one finds their Dungeon Master as well.  Here one can role play, find rumors, look for work on the message postings. It's by the rules so powerful characters can simply kill low level characters. Town guards and veterans as well as other NPCs frequent the  place. Causing trouble can end your character up in the stockade, pay fines, or execution if they messed up bad enough. 

The Clock and the Wheel of Time

So what happens when one group is fighting and one wants to do different things that take different amounts of time? Here is where the Clock and the Wheel of Time comes in.

There are  up to 10 minute increments of real time that are turns of 1 Hour in game.

An ingame day takes 240 minutes. 

Combat can be fought within that hour. All combats and attacks must be finished before the next hour passes. This is coordinated between Dungeon Master's. 

This is to stop one group from hogging all the time and resources. 

If you have any suggestions on how to do this better or how it has been managed at other large live tabletop events, please give suggestions! 

The Village/Town/City Maps and Tables

The village or town might be small enough for a scaled table map. If not then one would have a map of the city and key areas on a scaled map (or miniature buildings) on a table. Start small and on a budget. 

Wilderness Maps and Tables

The wilderness is in one huge map with a few tables to represent key areas. Other cities, villages and towns can be put into other rooms as time goes by.

Dungeon Tables

Dungeons are done the same way. As many tables as you can fit. 

More information on Part 2.

Yeah I know about AL but this is my idea without ever trying that. BUT as luck would have it, the AL is coming to town with a HUGE response! .


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