Sunday, September 16, 2012

BttD RPG: Dissecting the classes, Part I

Okay then let's pick out three classes and dissect them. Any suggestions for improvements? Features that need to be added?

Assassins are hired killers.
Hit Points: 8 HP+ 1d8 a level.
Armor: Up to Leather without penalty
Weapons: All
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: every 4 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” the Assassin may Eviscerate
an opponent causing instant death unless the victim saves
10 + damage done, Gory Bleeding that does 1d6 for 1d4
rounds, Blinded giving a -4 to all actions,blood spray to
blind another opponent two squares away giving a -4 until
he wipes the blood out of his eyes. A morale roll may be in
order, or Gimped giving you -2 to all actions and half
speed. Another attack option of a Critical.
They specialize in the quick kill only if the opponent is
unaware and fails his save. Only one chance is given for a
surprise attack. They tend to wear light armor and can use
any weapons and armor. An assassin has all the abilities of
a thief but not as good. If the assassin uses his
Intelligence he may brew up poisons. He uses his Wisdom to
shadow a victim. If medium or higher armor is worn subtract
one point for every point past AC 12. Assassinate (DC10-
Level)+(+1 DC) per level of victim only on a surprise
attack. Unarmed Attack 1d6.

Barbarians are warriors from primitive civilizations.
Hit Points: 12 HP+ 1d12 a level.
Armor: Any but prefer to wear lighter armor as heavy armor
is a sign of weakness in their society.
Weapons: Any but prefer large two-handed weapons
Hit Points: 12 + 1d12 per level.
+1 to Hit: You get +1 to hit every 2 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” you hit all adjacent friend
or foe sending them flying 10 feet and stunning them for
one round. The distance increases by 10ft every 5 levels.
The flying opponents take 1d6 per 10 ft thrown.
They tend to distrust magic and have trouble with any
technology greater than Stone Age. Barbarians tend to use
large two-handed weapons. Barbarians use their Strength to
perform Feats of Strength, Jumping long distances, and
climbing sheer cliffs but not as good as a thief. They use
their Dexterity to perform stealth as good as a thief as
long as they are in leather armor or less. They use their
Constitution to drink large amounts of alcohol, ignore
pain, and resist poisons and drugs. They use their Wisdom
to sense the weather and wilderness survival. They use
their Charisma to intimidate and push around lesser people.
With two handed weapons may cleave +1 creature per level.
Their Critical hits go up every four levels like Fighting
Men every four levels but start out at only x2 damage. This
means that when you kill one creature your blade passes
through it to the next creature. You continue this until
you run out of cleaves or movement. Rage which gives +2 to
hit and damage for Constitution in Rounds plus 1 a level.
Must roll Wis or Higher to come out of Rage. All barbarians
gain +5 Movement every 2 levels if wearing light armor.

A bard is a jack of all trades
Armor: Leather Armor Only
Weapons: Can use any weapons.
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 4 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” the Bard Inspires everyone to
get a free attack at +2.
using his Charisma to influence others and cast magic. The
bard is a traveling teller of tales and magician. A bard
must have a Dexterity and Charisma of 12 or more. If medium
or higher armor is worn subtract one point for every point
past AC 12. A bard has all the skills a thief does but not
as good. The bard also can use his Charisma to con, Seduce,
charm, and convince people to do his bidding. He uses his
Intelligence to see if he knows and lore or theology like a
druid, wizard, or cleric just not as good. The bard knows
spells like a sorcerer but picks them from any of the spell
list and is considered a Half Caster.