Friday, August 10, 2012

NOVEL: Free Form Fantsy and Sci-Fi, Plus super simple Space Mini/Card Board Chit battles.

SO what kind of cliches could one have for a fantasy game in a NOVEL free form RPG?

What about Sci Fi? I really don't like how my free from version of Starclads came out so I might just rewrite it. Turn it into a Zine.

In a free form game one should keep up with cash and such should they not?

Now to Space Mini/Card Board Chit Battles!

I am thinking about making ship battles be very stat heavy NOT! Just one number from 1 to 20 called Defense or DEF.

If that number or greater is rolled then the spacecraft is destroyed.

I think it would be cool to have huge space battles. I guess I would have to add in move and ranges if I used minis but that would not be that difficult.

In very rare cases there may be an more powerful weapons subtract from defense BEFORE the dice is rolled but no more than -5. Most of those weapons will be one shots or very few shots.

Order of Combat
1. Each side rolls initiative on D20. Go in highest to lowest.
2. All parties move in order.
3. All parties attack in order.
4. To attack roll a D20. If the number is DEF or higher the unit is destroyed.
5. Some limited weapons may subtract from the target's DEF before the attack is made.
6. Restart back at Step 1.

That's all there is to it.

Axis Space Forces

5 Dreadnaught Battle Cruisers DEF 15 Move 2" Range 15"

20 Fighters DEF 5 Move 5" Range 1"

1 Dread Star DEF 20 Move 1" Range 10"
(5 Shot Planet Killer -5 to Target's DEF Range 20")

Dread Order Imperium

10 Antares Fast War Ships DEF 12 Move 4" Range 5"

30 D.I.E. (Double Ion Engines) Fighters DEF 4 Move 6" Range 2"

The Axis Space Forces have found the dirty Dread Order Imperium and their horrible clone army. All clones of Emperor Snull! They have been ransacking the frontier for decades! Now it's time to get some revenge!

Get some representative tokens or pieces to fight this battle out!

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