Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hero's Mag: Superions

Another take on my Supers RPG is the Superion version of the game. It is based on a simple skeleton. All Players start out with 10D6 HD AC 10, MAC 10, +1 to hit, 1d4 punch, 10 MPH and 4 + 1d6 Power Points.

All Normal Humans start out with 1D6 HP AC 10, MAC 10, No Bonus to Hit, 1d4 punch.

Now the power points are how many times you roll on a D200 chart.
Yes completely random Superions. Really spits out a character quick when you do it all random.

It really comes out with an interesting collection of heroes and villians.

Evil Superions are called Infernals. They roll on the d200 but also roll on the Oddity/Defect chart. There are 100 items of sick and demented defects and powers or there will be when I am finished.

Here is an example character...

10D6 HD (47 Hit Points)
AC 12,
MAC 10,
+1 to hit, 1d4 punch,
10 MPH
4 + 1d6 Power Points and he rolls a 2 so that is 6 powers/skills/devices.

So here are my rolls and their results!

150. Shrink: You can get very small but keep your HP and Strength.

129. Nullify: Anyone with in Hit Points x 2 in feet has all powers Nullified. Can be turned off on a 10 or more roll.

16. Armor Light: +2 AC

196. Wealth 9: $100 Million

73. Elemental Power Gravity: Graviton Ray 1-12, Control Gravity +5

171. Telekinesis: Roll 1d10. Compare it to Super Strength +6 (Diesel Trucks). Range is 200 feet.

So this guy can shrink, nullify powers, has a natural light armor, is worth $100 million, can control gravity, and is a telekinetic.

I think I will call him Gravitos. A super rich blue blooded Superion. He can fly around the world and make it a better place in his view. Not your heroic type more of an egotistical bastard that loves attention. His power came to him when he was exploring a deep cave and came upon a Superion Artifact. It was a glowing statue that EXPLODED bathing him in Superion Energy. He awoke a changed man with super powers.

That was fun I will make another!

10D6 HD (33 Hit Points)
AC 20,
MAC 9,
+1 to hit, 1d4 punch,
10 MPH
4 + 1d6 Power Points and he rolls a 3 so that is 7 powers/skills/devices.

121. Mechanic: Knowledge on how to fix things +2.

56. Elemental Body Darkness: + 9 AC, has body of shadow that acts like phasing 1d12 damage.

71. Elemental Power Electricity: Lighting Bolt 1-12, Control Electricity +5

20. Armor Ultimate: +10 AC

168. Swim: The ability to swim +2.

104. Innocent: You are shelter from the world and are naive and innocent. -1 MAC

75. Elemental Power Metal: Magnetic Ray 1-12, Control Magnetism +5

So this girl is a mechanic, can turn into shadow, can control electricity, has the Ultimate Armor (the best you can have!), was on the swim team, is an innocent person, and can control metal and magnetism!

Blackout is a small town girl the daughter of a mechanic and captain of the swim team. He powers manifested during a swimming match and she injured many of her teammates. She now travels the country as the heroine Blackout!

Each character took about five minutes to create.


Anyway here is the intro to the document...

In the ancient times far out beyond space and time the Superions were born. Not of one race but from a strange mutating energy. The Energy Force called Superion. The force can manifest in technology or in powers of great help or destruction. Their battle is ancient. They have been on our world for millions of years. Every planet Superion touches is forever changed. Such as the story of the reality of earth know as Earth Superion! It is because of them that our technology is far greater than it is Earth Prime. Also the influence of Superion Energy has allowed the solar system and the galaxy to be far more populated.

There are the Superions know as the Infernals. They are the ones that cause great evil upon the world. They come in many forms yet unlike the Surpurnals they are twisted and dark! Whenever they meet a battle is sure to happen for the Infernals believe that all of reality is theirs.

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