Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to the Dungeon RPG Rough Draft Zine Style Release

Rough Draft Zine Style Release!

Here be the unprofessional zine self styled RPG of the OSR.
Let us do it ROUGE STYLE!

Bad editing! Bad Grammar! But a damn fun game!

ALL made to print out in a fold over zine!

Four LITTLE Booklets!

Easy to Run and Easy to Play!

Players Guide

Book Of Spells

Book of Encounters


It will need corrections. Note them and then get back to playing!
Add more classes and races!

Shareware copyleft/middle


  1. I've been meaning to have a closer look at your game Eldrad. I downloaded the updated files but couldn't get hold of the GM's Guide. Everytime I open it I get the following message from Google Docs:

    "You need permission to access this item.

    You are signed in as (my email address), but you don't have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or choose a different account."

    Has this been done on purpose or is it just a glitch?

  2. Let me see what happened and get it fixed.

  3. Fixed!

  4. It should as it's my Birthday! I like to give presents!

  5. David,
    Are you the David that wrote the Castle book? Motel of Mysteries? If so really good work.

  6. awesome. look forward to play it. thanks!

  7. Nope Edlrad, slightly different spelling (he doesn't have an 'e' in his name).

    Thanks for fixing the file, it's working fine now. Just glancing through each document I love the brevity of your ruleset, the spells in particular.

  8. Thanks! If you read over them then please comment good or bad.