Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who will control the destiny of D&D Next?

Who will control the destiny of D&D Next?

Well I would have to say when D&D Next was announced I could give a flying fudge what the hell they did. BUT! They changed my mind when I heard their Gen Con seminar.

It seems that Mike wants the game to go back to story. I like what they want to do with the Forgotten Realms. It just looks kick ass. The last play test release was very simple yet impressive.

Is it going to be the munchkin players who over inflate the rules and think HEY that is good stuff! Every character is a 10 page novel. OR are the Old Schoolers going to come en mass and put their opinions onto how and what this game will turn into?

So far the game is keeping a steady course of simpleness reminiscent of Basic with a small twist of 3rd edition.

The opinions are stacking up quickly by many who want the game to go in more complicated directions.

Unneeded complicated directions. They know not what they do.

SO what are you bloggers going to do? Or dare I say this is what you need to do.

First take a look at the play test packets. See what I am talking about. Like or dislike give you opinion. Let them know.

Let WotC know.

They have all but admitted their mistakes. Help form this game that we all love or at least the simple core of the game into something cool.

The renaissance has become a revolution and much of the revolution was influenced by the OSR kid not yourself.

SO who is with me?

What say you?!?


  1. I don't like all the ability bonuses.

    I'll read it, but it won't be an old school game.

  2. They already know what they need to do - make a baseline set of rules that is as simple as possible, upon which things can be added later. It's already clear they aren't going to actually do this, however. And the writing style, unfortunately, makes everything sound more complex than it actually is. They are overexplaining everything, and making it sound far to exacting and technical. The point is to free it all up so DMs can make of it what they want by adding detail and nailing things down. Again, Mike and they guys know this, clearly, based on how they talk. They just aren't doing it for some reason.

    They have some pretty good ideas, but it seems like they are drifting from the stated goal of stripping D&D down to basics so "modules" can be added optionally. They are tossing some of those in to the baseline, thus screwing up the whole idea. It might be the best version of D&D since WotC took over, and the simplest, but that doesn't mean it is as good as it can be. And it's within their power to make it just that, but to be frank... many o the more vocal fans giving input are just NOT game designers.

  3. That's what I am talking about the vocal fans that may not know what they do. We know what is good an not just what works but works really well. If you don't make some noise then the game will not be as good as it can be.