Friday, August 24, 2012

So is the OSR kinda DEAD? I keep hearing the QUESTION! Is D&D Next the answer for everybody?

SO I have actually read over the D&D Next Playtest rules and I have to say the voices screaming out in the wilderness of the OSR either have been heard or D&D has organically returned to it's roots kinda.

D&D Next looks like it's going to be a really cool game so far. I would say a tiny bit more complicated than 2nd edition AD&D but it will flow slightly quicker. I have printed out the latest playtest material and I am going to whip up a few characters.

Like it's mostly failed predecessor it does have that get you playing real quick that 4th edition had. Lots of premade equipment list and such for a class or backgrounds.

It is kinda a combination of all the editions past but it seems to have it's heart in basic and 3rd edition mixed kinda.

The best part of it all is according to Mike Mearles the game is going to be about STORY! If that is the focus then it is going to kick ass. If it is only sales then they will fail!

You roll your D20 attributes all six of them 4d6 take away the lowest and then place them. Thank god that is back. Point buys make such dumbass characters.

Pick your race! Damn they did some really good write ups on the races. I get that funny feeling in my gut I got 33 years ago when I started playing.

Pick your class. Just four opps I mean six classes.

Pick a background (optional) Your character could have a background, a story
that describes where he or she came from, his or her original occupation, and the character’s place in the D&D world.
Okay I like this alot. It makes people role play and think of story.

Pick a Specialty (optional) Just as your class tells you what you can do, your specialty tells you how you do it. A specialty further defines your character’s preferred combat tactics and investigative methods, arising from particular studies, inherent talents, or focused training.

The one thing about D&D Next is it is expandable with more sourcebooks to come but if they are careful it won't break this version of the game like 3rd edition and somewhat 4th edition.

Over all it looks easy to run and easy to play but not as easy as my RPG but as usual I have really bad timing and so far very few people are looking at my game.

The next thing with Next is the Forgotten Realms. Dammit if they ain't got me wanting to go out and buy the novels right now. The default setting will be Forgotten Realms after "the Sundering".

Some say FR is generic and boring but I think they are just mad their setting did not get published. I have never ran FR BUT I have played it and after reading many of the novels it became a real world to me.

As I get older I loose the urge (and the time) to sit back and create huge settings and worlds.

The best thing is they claim that they are going to open the adventures to the players and let them be important in the FR world actually shaping the setting. That is cool.

What am I talking about?

Watch the damn Gen Con video. Man that Ed Greenwood is cool. I bet he is a damn kickass DM.

This almost makes me want to put on my writer's hat and start writing a FR story. Hell I might just do an outline as I don't know what the hell the Sundering is.


  1. Ed is a good dm.

    Butndont believe the hypemon the OSR. Somempeople says stuff just to get attention

  2. 5E is a boon to the OSR, I think it will validate and create even more interest in "the old ways"

  3. Interesting...It only took about five minutes to make a character. THAT is something I like. It's kinda different but it now feels more like a D&D character. The add ons such as backgrounds (Pick or given three skills) and Themes (Gives you Feats and such) don't slow things down that I can see.