Friday, August 17, 2012

Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game: Update

Well I am back to having thoughts of releasing the rest of my CFRPG.

It's like 99% done but after the Word Processor Formatting Demon Possession Problems I had I kinda gave up.

The announcement of D&DNext was kind of a bummer but at the same time I like what I see but I also just am not excited. Maybe it's the few thousands of $$$s they already got from me.

I dunno.

I need to get my Neo-Clone out to the world as a personal quest as there have been a few members of the "community" that have naysayed your good and kind Eldrad.

I stayed classy and did not respond in a FuhQDiK but I should have. I will not say whom but it still bugs me although a long time ago.

BUT I must say the rest of the "community" is the cat's meow! Except for a few that never...Oh never mind.

I am so close but this gamer's block that I have! BUT I must admit every time I look upon an old D&Dish type game from modern to olden I get bugged.

The oldens and the clones the same (some say stupid) restrictions that hamper role play.

The modern the same overcomplicated CLUNK that hampers role play.

"Uh yeah my Half Unicorn Vampire Half-Dragon Were-Bulette Lich with a Shirley Temple Template Fighter Thief Death Wizard Exotic Dancer Uses her or his Damper Jet Plane Feat and does a five foot step and warps back in time using his Alter Time Space power to get an opportunity attack with sneak damage ans critical hit because he is a Quadruple three weapon specialist. That's a uh 4+7+16+93+1d20! I roll a uh 234 yeah! WHadda ya mean you have a reverse megaton feat??" Pages are flipped the rest of the night looking for the rules! LOL!

The solution?

A game as simple as the classics but with SOME of the options of the new BUT without RULES bloat.

Easy to Run and Easy to Play!

My Game! The one that had very little to no response from the OSR Blogger world due to way too many games bloat form the OSR but at least they are mostly all free!

BUT it would be argued by a few that I am wrong! Some in the OSR like the restrictions!

Many if not most of the New School don't even pay attention. LOL!

"We only play 4th Edition"
"We only play Pathfinder"
"That old stuff is OOKIE! Stuff!"

Forgive them Gods of Gaming! They know not what they do! OR maybe it is I that does no know! LOL! I am going to bed.


  1. To HELL with the naysayers! Finish the game!! I'm here to provide any assistance!!!

  2. Sounds good to me. I keep waiting for the Old School to realize they keep copying the bad parts of D&D along with the good, and keep hoping someone with more a more modern grasp of writing smooth rules will also understand the sensibilities of Old School play. But it never happens!

  3. finish the game. love to see it.

  4. Okay a rough draft is coming soon. Enough to play with.