Monday, August 6, 2012

Back Home

Whap! Too SLOW! Well it looks like the San Antonio, TX Old School gaming crowd was too slow. I put myself out there and there were a few responses but no plans or invites. An invite from the Austin crowd (thanks fellas but you was too far but I was thinking about making the drive)was given I really appreciate that. Maybe next time if there is one.

I got canned through yet another bout of Shakespearean treachery! I took this job blind with no details.

Really desperate. Running out of money. Have you ever been there? It's tough.

A fair amount of pay and all the gas I could burn. The job neglected to mention that I would be driving MY TRUCK for free. Driving it an average of 2000 miles a week. THOSE details were left out.

I asked my employer five times top get me a rental or truck pay. I then went over his head and mentioned it to the contractor rep when he asked how everything was going.

The contractor rep seemed concerned but used that to have me canned.

He also took me out because I was a witness to him telling all of us in the safety department to only report incidents to HIM only and not contact the client.

What do you know the client also asked the safety department to leave because we did not report incidents to them as we had been. Backstabbing sonofabitch.

Is there ever going to be jobs without backstabbing and treachery? Am I just not doing it right anymore? The last few years have been hell! Most of my jobs have been the worst jobs I have ever had.

I am just getting burnt out! I really hope to find a shelter from the storm and let all these political backstabbing bastards take each other out. Rats on a sinking ship they are!

I have had such success but it seems that the "energy" of the people and the universe itself is off kilter. Jobs just go bad no matter what time and tested policies and procedures I use. As the economic situation goes further down jobs become more and more stupid.

The people are turning toward chaos!

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