Friday, August 31, 2012

HMMM? What if you mixed Basic D&D with 4th Edition D&D?

What if you mixed Basic D&D with 4th Edition D&D?

Like only the powers simplified and no feats or very few feats or simple added class features.

The monsters would be simplified as well. Definitely LOWER hit points.

Kinda like the did in Heroes of Neverwinter on Facebook.

May be fun?

Damn the Gamer ADD is kicking in again!


  1. You would annoy the die-hard OSRers who claim there is only one way to have fun playing D&D.

    But seriously... look up some of the variant fighter options for OSR games. They offer the equivalent of feats or powers, and just taking one is enough to make one PC totally different from another.

  2. your game is really cool. playing today with 3 players. thanks!

  3. Hey thanks! Easy to run? Gimme a full report please.

  4. Very easy to run! Quick and fun to play. We got A LOT done in four hours play. With other games it takes a few hours just to get characters done.
    Thanks again. Great job! Your game is the essence of roleplaying.