Monday, August 13, 2012

Diorama Fantasy Idea Part II

Well here I go bored and once again dreaming about a huge Fantasy RPG Diorama event.

It's just a dream but imagine a huge event space with 4 x 8 tables spaced where you could comfortable set chairs up and game on that table all set up with villages, forest, swamps.

Multiple level megadungeons encompassing multiple 4 x 8 tables and many rooms. Hundreds of players and many DMs.

One huge event under one set of rules. Hopefully old school rules!

Would DMs have an area or would they move around with the party.

Imagine not just an event but a private club that would house this diorama permanently!

Ah crap! Real life calls will have to finish the post and add pictures that I downloaded from the net will be posted later.

1 comment:

  1. Neat idea. I'd love to see more sculpted terrain boards in play at cons and stores. I built a couple boards for a club in Iowa at one point, and one of them went to Games Day several years ago. Sadly, outside of GD, those tables have probably only been played on by about fifteen or twenty people each.