Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hero's Mag: The "Free Form" Version of the Game.

Multiple Versions of the same game! Yes I am an insane flip flopper!

So here is my most updated version of Hero's Mag in the Free Form version. It is free form BUT there is a dice roll mechanic added to solve disagreements on how things should go outside the story.

I have had quite a few gamers LOVE the freedom of it all AND a few HATE it with full passion. Even if they never tried it.

The "free form" tends to short the circuits of rule's lawyers and min-maxers as well. The claim by a few of them is it gives the Game Master too much power. Game masters have that anyway!

Go and download and print out the rules and make it into a fold over booklet. Then make a few characters.

Make a super team.

Make them interesting.

Don't just let them be great at everything make them flawed. Give them problems like their girlfriend is cheating on them, drug and alcohol problems, family members are terminally ill, the character is terminally ill, mental problems, unemployment, homelessness, real world problems in a supers world.

Non Playing Characters are a breeze because there are no attributes just as brief or as long as you would like. Make a sheet for each character of who these NPCs are and how they effect their life.

Make sure and have all the sights and sounds of where the story takes place as well. Our world but with supers added.

Make sure all of the iconic supers (don't copy make your own versions) have aged and now are facing old age and death thus making room for new Supers.

In fact in my notes the main super group based in New York was killed by a third plane during 911 so the entire city of New York and surrounding cities are now know as The Criminal Playland.

How did a mere bomb kill supers? It was an antimatter bomb in the third plane. There is literally a gaping hole and residue antimatter left on the scene.

The L.A. based team is full of troubles as well as they are facing internal strife and troubles from gangs.

The Houston Based Supers are having problems with The Cartel as they have all been targeted for assassination as well as any friends or family.

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