Saturday, September 1, 2012

NOVEL RPG: Hero's Mag News Update.

Hero's Mag: LATEST NEWS (from my comic book world)...

Well there were a few people saved from disaster from Hurricane Isaac by the Southern Knights out of their Houston base. A huge Cartel strike force was also thwarted as well that showed up in Louisiana to try and take out the Southern Knights.

Since the third plane hit the Protectors Base in York back on 911 the city is in a complete downfall with a death rate of 30,000 just this year alone. Not only is New York a criminal war zone it is beginning to spread all over the North East. The is a spike is organized and Supers crime in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Boston. Is there anyone going to save us? Save our country?

Several explosions rocked the south as the Cartel keeps up it's pressure on the Southern Knights. Quite a few refineries, police stations, and minor Supers hangouts were bombed in New Orleans, Houston, Little Rock, Dallas, and Atlanta. Over 1500 dead and 3000 injured. Other smaller Cartel related events happened but have not been connected as of yet. Are the Southern Knights going to do something? What relevance are they in this modern world if they can't even stop the Cartel?

The Republican Nation Convention is still recovering from the delegate debacle when some Ron Paul supporters and delegates who were also supers got out of control and destroyed most of the convention center. The GOP Supers team The Right Wing came in and put a thrashing on those wackos and looser and put them in their place. Mitt Romney was quickly nominated at a secret location even though the delegates were not there as many were injured by the disturbance. There are no other details as the supers in question have been put into a detention facility. Good job Right Wings!

Israel and the Obama administration are keeping up on talks of military intervention in Iran. There are crack teams of Supers in the Military read to go and are in various Governmental Training Facilities. This is going to be a really interesting war as Russia and China have both stated they will defend Iran and have moved the military and various Supers teams into the region.

The Billionaire and adventure Goldbar is doing big stock sell off and buying up precious metals. In fact many of the mega rich are selling stocks and buying up precious metals at this time. When asked what is going on Goldbar only responded whit this statement "If you can't see this baby is about to collapse and burn then you deserve what is going to happen to you. This country is toast and to let yet another cat out of the bag all my governmental contacts and mega business contacts are all making bunkers in preparation for something real bad. Let me tell you get prepped because something bad is coming!" All I can say is it looks like Goldbar has relapsed back into Drug abuse again.


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