Monday, June 4, 2012

Hero's Mag: Earth Prime Part I

The current Earth that is inhabited by my Super Heroes is called Earth Prime.

Unlike most worlds with Supers these characters age, so many of the supers are "past their prime". Like most establishment types they are not willing to give up their positions, don't retire, and keep out the competition. This causes alot of friction between the Old Guard and the New Powers as they have been dubbed by the media.

The government is currently cracking down on Supers of any great power due to the recent collateral damage cause by the escalating criminal violence as well as hero on hero battles due to egos. More on that story in a future post.

There are three major teams on the Earth. The Sentinels, The Guardians, and the Knights. There are many other teams that are smaller and with a lesser budget out there.

On the East Coast there are the Sentinels based in New York City.
This group was unfortunately killed by the first of three airplanes on 911. This group contained some of the mightiest heroes on earth and the explosive that hit the Sentential Tower was some kind of Anti-Matter bomb that disintegrated the entire block and complex. The following heroes were killed.

The Arachnoid - A hero with the abilities of a spider. He was around 40. Identity Classified.

Battlesuit - Just a super rich playboy genius inventor with the most advanced battlesuit in the world. Steven Sentinel was 47.

Samson - A Perfect who could fly, was invulnerable, and had super strength. Age and Identity Classified.

Bulldog - A Beastman of great ferocity. He had claws and teeth and he was quite hairy. A mutant of 60 years of age.Identity Classified.

The Archer - A skilled bowman and swordsman as well as devices. Jack Beniyble was 63.

Johnny Titan - A huge brute of a mutant who looked like a monster but was the most human of all. He was 30.

The Wraith - Also know as the Dark Avenger he stalked criminals for many years before joining with the Sentinels. He was one of the greatest martial artist and acrobats in the world as well as the most skilled detective in history. He is estimated to be around 70. Identity Classified.

Loch - An elemental from the ancient world with a body made of water and the ability to control water. Age unknown.

Butterfly - A fey from the Fey kingdom. She was also an ancient treasure lost to the world. Age unknown.

Witch Girl - She had the power of the Hex. Loraine Jackson was 65.

White Knight - He was a true knight transferred here from the past. He was 55 years of age. Sir Thad Rosemonde

Ace - The luckiest guy in the world could manipulate luck and fate to his whims. He was 46. Identity Classified.

Son of the Republic - He was the true American hero with powers that came from the patriotism of the American People. He was one of the first documented Supers. Jack Johnson was 85.

Thunder - An ancient Celtic god's son. He was immortal.

Saint Karen - She was a living saint with divine powers and miracles. Karen Stutters was 35.

These heroes were killed to strike fear into our hearts but the senseless act of evil did the opposite. The attack on 911 unified us like we have never been before. At least for a short time. Then the parties started back to their old ways.

The criminal element know simply as The Syndicate, The Mob, and The United Gang Front has responded in kind and New York is now a war zone. Will there be any heroes to save the people?

The Guardians (West Coast L.A.) and the Knights (Houston) will be discussed in an upcoming future post! Stay tuned!

There are a few major Criminal Organizations of note but this is not all inclusive and is ever changing.
The Defilers - A group of very dangerous super villains.
The Cartel - A huge and powerful South American Drug Gang.
The Syndicate - The Asian Criminal Empire.
The Mob - The European Organized Criminal Element.
The Primordial Threat - Ancient beings that want to rule the world.
The United Gang Front - A huge gathering of gangs for one purpose: to rule the major cities and take over the USA.

More on this world later. More to come.

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