Sunday, June 24, 2012

Page 72 & 73 of the Rythlondar document.

Page 72 & 73 of the Rythlondar document.

Most of Rythlondar is kinda primitive but occasionally it really comes out as a time of life where it was really special. Too bad that we have not heard from any of the players.

What an awesome documentary it would be to have these people come back together and play a huge weekend/week of gaming as well as get in interviews with them.

God I come up with good ideas that I could never do. Would people want to watch such a movie?

It is so very sad that eras and times of our life have to end and somewhere in some other dimension a forgotten character waits to be played in a forgotten land.

What I hope one day is to form a gaming community under one game system (such as LL/AEC)and have and run adventures like these.

A community of multiple GMs and many different groups of players.

IMHO many types of games are impossible under modern rule systems. I love to try and throw a wrench into modern games by trying to hire a huge amount of NPCs.

It is amazing how someone claims that the modern gaming rules can do more than the old school rules but then they can't come up with an entire party on the fly.

Well most GMs can't. I did meet a young whippersnapper GM with a photographic memory that could do that with Pathfinder.

Even if they did the prep work, try and run a modern game with five players, 20 NPCs fighting 30 monsters the combat would slow down to a confusing mess.

Old School Rules facilitate huge combats that can be ran at ease. One of my older friends told of a college game back in the 80s that had 30 players.

Once my work situation turns around and IF I am working in town I will try and organize this idea using Raven's Keep and the Black Stairs.

HOPEFULLY I get some other referees to join as well.

Well this is an almost drunk post but I am not that far along LOL!

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