Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is the Friendly Local Gaming Store Dying? A Possible Paradigm to Solve the Problem

Yes there are game shops doing great and will continue to do so as niche markets in the right location and time so we are not talking about them.

Is the Friendly Local Gaming Store Dying?

Yes it is if it continues on the way it is for the most of them. If it does not diversify and get other collectibles it will.

If it does not have the floor space and have tables and events to support local gaming groups and players.

What about another paradigm? What if the game store changed how it did business? What if they moved their operations into a more club like structure?

Here is ONLY a suggestion of what could be done if people would step up.

Imagine if you would instead of a small store the gaming shop moved to entire building such as an old large house, warehouse, old store, or whatever.

Yes there would be the shop just like any other game and hobby shop but beyond the back of the game shop would be a member's only club.

Why member's only?

It is just the cruel world that money is needed to pay bills. People just coming to hang out at your game shop may buy things but many don't. The club structure will allow the game shop that is dying to charge for people just coming to hang out and game.

Whoa! that sounds cruel and elitist but hear me out.

With the club structure's nominal fee you could have something that cannot be done in a normal store. Gaming 24 hours a day in a private, safe, and secure environment.

What to charge for such a thing? How could it be done? DO you know how cool that would be IF it was done?

Strict but fair codes of conduct would be initiated to not let the place be taken over by the animals. Don't pretend to be ignorant of how stupid people get without rules to make them behave. LOL! There would have to be officers and security from the membership to ensure a fantastic playing environment.

The club would also serve as an eatery for the club members as well as different people would show their skills at cooking. Like with most gaming group the leeches that always come and eat but bring nothing would be required to bring food to share .

There would be a huge library of games and books. AV rooms full of video games and movies.

This could also be a family place and have a kids area as well. I know one thing it's always difficult to game with smaller kids so a babysitting service could be provided to help out parents for a nominal fee.

A nerd mecca!

While not gaming the club could hold raffles and charity events to raise money to keep the clubhouse going.

So are there any old buildings with lots of floorspace or rooms that you could make this happen?

IS it a feasible idea?

IS it a good idea?



  1. Strangely enough, there's an old Forge thread about this kind of a model, with examples of stores doing this and some reactions/proposals, especially about how to try to get this sort of play. A bit of, er, activism, but lots of solid stuff as well: