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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Open Office SUCKS!

I just spent hours editing and putting clip art in my formerly Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game and made it into a PDF. Noticed a few small mistakes so I reopened the Open Office File that I just had closed and the whole goddamn layout is totally f%^&&%ed.

Ever since Open Office has started doing updates, their product has gotten worse. NEVER had trouble with MS Word so looks like I am going to buy that when I get back to work.

I put a small surface graphic and it took an entire section of the page into a vertical column about two words wide. Why the F&^&*#$YJHR is it doing that shit? I can't seem to undo it either WTF is wrong with this stupid demon possessed program?

The last few years it tends to NOT do spell check on ODT format so I just use RTF. I have tried all the fixes they suggest. The dictionary is loaded. It's all good. Nothing there to make it happen. Program is just being a dick. Ever since the "upgrade" a few years ago Open Office has SUCKED.

No matter what every time I reopen a file half of my bullets are unbulleted. Many of my indentions and spacings have to be redone every time.

Now there is this new dumb shit. At least I made an incorrect PDF of the GD thing. PISSED!


  1. What appears to have happened is my text files "became" images so they cannot be undone. What kind of stupidass makes a crappy program like OO? Before they "improved" it there wan NEVER any problems.

  2. First, update your version of Java on your machine.

    Second, dump OO and switch to LibreOffice.


  3. Nope LibreOffice sucks as well or is it just the PC in general. Goddamn it sucks to do a bunch of work and save a document then the document just goes to shit when you reopen it. Luckily I PDFed it before I saved and closed it.

  4. OK, two things:

    (a) Update Java: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp.

    (b) What file format are you saving your documents in?

  5. Well hell I just did a long response and it's not here. Great! Dear man upstairs stop f&^%ing with me or I will expose you by posting a bunch of George Carlin videos!

  6. The Anchor function. How stupid IF these pictures are moving because they are not "anchored"! Why the hell would I put these dumbass pictures in a place on a page in the first place. ARGH!

  7. LibreOffice has suffer and error and now will not open. Want to send a report to microsoft? NO!

  8. What operating system are you using?

  9. Windows XP

    NOW all my columns in ever chart on file have an extra cell in the right column that cannot be deleted and can only be adjusted. WTF is going on?

  10. The extra cell deletes the proper column before it as well.

  11. Well just deleted the row and am done with it.

  12. Every single table on the document has an extra fucking cell to the right on the top row of EVERY table that only fucks up the entire document. Libre sucks just as bad

  13. I did not put the cell there btw which is the reason I am pissed.

  14. http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.documentfoundation.libreoffice.user/20916

  15. Don't use docx format - it isn't a regular format like RTF or DOC (it's actually an archive of component XML files).

    It's possible that your operating system software is having trouble handling the XML part of docx in both pieces of software. The import code necessary to do this was only bundled with MS Office, but put in all your system updates and keep an eye out for an XML oriented one.

    At the very least, try saving out and reloading in different file formats.

  16. Have you considered using Latex? it works like a charm!

  17. How about a dedicated program for desktop publishing? I just wrote about what I use for my own work and I used to use Open Office back in the day so I understand what you're going through. Since then, I've switched to Serif's PagePlus software along with John from BHP.

    If you don't mind paying a little something for it and don't care that it isn't the latest version, you can get PagePlus X5 for $30. There isn't much of a learning curve but, if you plan and doing a bunch of this sort of work, it might be worth the investment. Here's the link if interested:


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