Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to the Dungeon Role Playing Game Player's Guide

Back to the Dungeon Role Playing Game Player's Guide

Here is the link. I try and make it "click on the link" but that has been a feature that has never worked on blogspot for me.

Just five classes and four races. If you read the older releases then you know I got more.

This is the last document that I did on Open Office then it screwed my entire document to hell. Oh well time to redo.

Enjoy this document. It is to be made in Zine form as a fold over booklet.

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  1. Libre Offices sucks ass as well. It seems that all my image files have decided to move to the left side of the page and not where I put them. When I cut and try and re paste them they will only get stuck on the left side of the page. I cannot click on them and move them to the right only up and down. At least I made PDF of ALL the work I have done before the stupid program decided to do what IT wants to do. It's amazing I have NEVER had any of these problems on Microsoft Word or on the older versions of Open Office. Can anyone make a damn word processor/publisher that is worth a F&^%k! Is there some function with the damn Anchor feature that I need to know? Regardless who the hell would make a program with picture files that move away from where you damn well put them I mean really.