Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sorry Monte Cook and CFRPG Monsters by Hit Dice and Other Topics.

First of all sorry to Monte Cook. I got my information wrong and posted a misleading story. I was wrong and retract the story. Egg on my face sorry.

I can't find where I found the story...

Next! OR is that a bad word?

Well here is my list of monsters for CFRPG or better know as Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game. Much more AFTER the Monster list which I must say is impressive! What a huge list! Any suggestions for more monsters? Send them to me!

Monster By Hit Dice

Less than 1HD
Bat, Cat, Dogmen, Goblin

Centipede, Common Dog, Dark Dwarves, Dark Elf, Dark One, Deep Elf, Deep Men, Dwarf, Eagle, Elf, Ferret, Fey, Fly , Ghost, Giant Bat, Giant Bee, Giant Rat, Gnome, Halfling, Hawk, Human, Mermaid, Orc, Ratmen, Skeleton

Baboon, Badger, Blue Beetle, Large cat, Cavemen, Small Carnivorous Dinosaur, War Dog, Dolphin, Dryad, Fallen, Scaler Fish, Flame Dead, Frogman, Ghoul, Gren Slime, Hobgoblin, Pony Horse, Screamer Lizard, Brown Ooze, Dire Rat, Saurians, Serpent, Vampire Spawn, Wolf, Zombie, Giant Ant: Worker Ant,

Black Wolf, Bugbear, Camel, Choker, Cow heifer, Giant Ant: Warrior, Glow Beetle, Donkey, Rat, Riding Horse, Spitting Lizard, Small Herbivorous Dinosaur, Wererat, Wight, Wolf

Ape, Bear, Blink Dog, Centaur, Cow Bull, Crab, Dire Wolf, Doppleganger, Ethereal, Fiend, Gargoyle, Gorgon, Great Cat, Giant Hawk, Harpy, Hell Hound, Medium Carnivorous Dinosaur, Hunting Lizard, Hunter Spider, Mule, Nymph, Ogre, Pegasus, Reaper Fish, Scorpions, Tentacle, Unicorn, War Horse, Werewolf, Wraith

Dire Weasel, Boar, Cockatrice, Crocodile, Elemental(s), Ettercap, Giant Eagle, Giant Ferret, Lesser Vampire, Stag Beetle, Work Horse, Yellow Ooze
Bargheist, Basilisk, Grizzly Bear, Sabertooth Cat, Cloaker, Cyclops, Reaver Demon, Medium Herbivorous Dinosaur, Displacer, Drider, Elephant, Formorian, Frog, Manticore, Minatout, Mummy, Rhinoceros, Slug, Specter, Widow Spider, Stalker, Troll

Avenger Angel, Blade Death, Clockwork Horror, Color Creep, Death Knight, Death Lurker, Destroyer Demon, Swamp Dragon, Garron Beast, Gore Giant, Godling, Griffin, Black Ooze, Pincer, Red Slime

Hunter Bear, Bloodletter, Dire Cat, Chimera, Forest Dragon, Gore Fiend, Hill Giant, Large Carnivorous Dinosaur, Malevolent, Masher, Shambler, Snakemen

Bulette, Desert Dragon, Keils Fire/Storm, Orbs, Other Weird, Roc, Stone Fiend, Treeman

Bull of Chaos, Dire Bear, Demon Lord, Devil, Dire Rhinoceros, Ettin, Fire Dragon, Forest Giant, Genie, Giant Ant:Queen, Giant Worm, Hydra, Mastodon, Mountain Giant,Toad, Vampire

Chaos Caller, Dark Horde, Doom Spider, Dragon Queen, Fire Weird, Huge Carnivorous Dinosaur, Lurking Building, Stone Snake, Thunder Bird,

Aeon(s), Dark Lord, Devourer, Huge Herbivorous Dinosaur, Killer of Cities Demon, Primordial, Titan, Unshackled Demon



Should I change the name to "Back to the Dungeon RPG"? Is the name and small fame of this Blog enough to Name an RPG after it?


I am getting rid of the ROLL 20 and something great happens for most of the classes. Although a cool idea it would get kinda bland after you rolled a few 20s and made it happen. NOT to say it will be taken from all classes just most of them as they can do neat stuff with out that feature.

I still plan to make the game where you can print it out in booklet/zine form yourself.

If you want to send me some free artwork I will try and use it. I can't pay you but if you put your name on it it might be free advertisement.

I will soon be posting the PDFs and links to a complete game. To those who say Eldrad has never finished a game project (after helping you finish yours long ago) screw you! Suck on buck!


I actually got spare time to do this project but it is a sad tale.

I have had a run of really bad luck. I had a an employee fall to his near death a few weeks ago, I was betrayed and "terminated" for "other" reasons from the job A.K.A. made the scape goat due to this employee's decision to allow himself to fall, my professional reputation has been put into question and insulted, my wife is getting surgery on her gall bladder but there might be worse stuff wrong, money is getting tight.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the crap swirling around you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Thanks David. That makes me feel better. Wife got registered and took blood test. Waiting on the day of the surgery. All the rest of it I can't do anything about it so I will roll the dice!

  3. The rotten luck stinks :-(. All too often, employers just look for a scape goat instead of the situation, circumstances, and DECISIONS that lead to stuff like that happening. I wish you the best of luck with the situation!

    I kinda like the name BACK TO THE DUNGEON! I say go for it. It draws a connection between the game and your blog and you.