Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3d6 in Order: A Review

So many of you out there are wondering about the game 3d6 in Order by Richard Tongue of the ODDities fame?

Well for the price it's one great game.

Based loosely on S&W Whitebox it has the standards of an ODD clone in attributes left in the OLD order. Attributes do very little in this game other that qualify you for a class.

There are a few races as well all with restrictions and level limits. Even humans are level limited at 12th level as that is max level for all the classes.

There are ten classes all with level titles! I love level titles! Most classes take up just one page though the spell casters take up a bit more.

You can see the contents in the link below in the preview.


A generous list of monsters and treasures. Altogether a tight and neat little game. You could just use this book only and replace an entire game library.

Hopefully I can actually get some players to try it but everyone around me just wants to play with all the bells and whistles.

Their problem is I don't want to run what they want to play.

Ask me questions about the game as I am spent for the day busy being an unemployed bum out of bourbon.


  1. That sounds awesome to me! What kind of art is in the book? Are many of the monsters illustrated?

  2. Are combat and magic the typical OD&D-esque fare?

  3. The combat is the standard combat waiting for the right player and referee to add to it.

  4. How compatible is this with old AD&D/D&D adventures and such?