Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hero's Mag: Nearly Freeform Supers Roleplaying

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Imagine a Supers Rule set that was easy to run and easy to play! Imagine making a character is less that a minute! Very few if any rules just story! Imagine being a Game Master not burdened by the rules and having the ultimate flow of story. It is possible.

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  1. NOVEL Hero's Mag
    Name: Wood Duck Player: NPC
    Power Level: Four Color Concept: Super Soldier

    Might, Muscle, Moves, Mind, Manipulation, Martial, Missile, and Mystical
    Wood Duck has the Might of at least ten men. The muscle of three men, has the moves of the most skilled parkour acrobats in the world, and is a world class martial artist. In manipulation. he has a natural ability to charm most people with his seemingly simple ways. Don't let the thick Cajun accent fool you Wood Duck is a smart guy with a very sharp wit.

    Physical Description: Wood Duck is just an ordinary guy. He is quite thin and lanky. He wears jeans, cowboy boots, a baseball cap, and always has a toothpick.

    Personality: Aloof and always joking even in the most perilous of time. Wood Duck is a very honest and good person. He fights for what is right and good. He is a Roman Catholic and goes to church regularly. He also attends many parties and festivals around Louisiana.

    Powers, Abilities, Devices, and Skills: Wood Duck's body is a trim mass of spring loaded muscle. He can lift three times the weight an ordinary man can lift. He can leap from the ground almost 20 feet in the air and if he is in a run (which is close to 30 mph) He can cover almost a 30 feet span. He was always a brawler but with the super formula he is a world class brawler. He loves to combine his acrobatics with his brawling and infuriate more powerful villains.

    Background: Pierre “Wood Duck” Ardoin is just a cajun from the swamp who was injected with super solder serum during a mix up in a military hospital. He was accidentally ran over by a hummer and was taken on base. He was about to die and a military doctor injected him in a last ditch effort to save his life. When not being a hero Wood Duck is fishing and hunting in the swamp. He is currently a member of the Houston Based Supers Team Southern Knights.
    Physical and Mental Condition: Wood Duck can take the damage that would kill ten men. He is very sane despite acting crazy. He has a very soft heart for women, kids, and the elderly.

    Possessions and Wealth: Wood Duck owns a house boat deep in the Atchafalaya Swamp . He has a few boats and a few trucks he keeps on his family property. He does have a customized Wood Duck Truck full of devices.

    Character Portrait and Additional Notes on Back

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