Monday, November 25, 2013

Superions Super Hero RPG

Are you sick of Super Powered games that take hours and
hours to make a character and huge amounts of work running
a Supers RPG? Then fear not for here is Superions! A rules
lite Supers RPG that is easy to run and easy to play.

Hero's Mag: Superions RPG

In the ancient times far out beyond space and time the
Superions were born. Not of one race but from a strange
mutating energy. The Energy Force called Superion. The
force can manifest in technology or in powers of great help
or destruction. Their battle is ancient. They have been on
our world for millions of years. Every planet Superion
touches is forever changed. Such as the story of the
reality of earth know as Earth Superion! It is because of
them that our technology is far greater than it is Earth
Prime. Also the influence of Superion Energy has allowed
the solar system and the galaxy to be far more populated.
There are the Superions known as the Infernals. They are
the ones that cause great evil upon the world. They come in
many forms yet unlike the Surpurnals they are twisted and
dark! Whenever they meet a battle is sure to happen for the
Infernals believe that all of reality is theirs to rule and

All Superion Players start out with 10D6 HD AC 10, MAC 10,
+1 to hit, 1d4 punch, 10 MPH and 4 + 1d6 Power Points.

Your Power Point score is how many times you roll on the D200 chart.

That's all there is on creating a totally random Superion Character so you can start playing in minutes.

You will see that there may be strange combinations of powers, skills, and devices.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back to the Dungeon ZINE for LL/AEC Issue 4

Back to the Dungeon ZINE for LL/AEC Issue 4

Well it appears that I have yet another issue of the Back to the Dungeon Zine for Labyrinth Lord/ Advance Edition Companion.

There is yet another level of The Black Stairs and a few articles of interest.

Hope your characters survive this dungeon.

If you play it then post your stories.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reedit of the Back to the Dungeon RPG PC Guide Book 1

Hello everyone! Long time no post!

Okay here is my first significant editing of Book 1.

I did not realize how bad some of it was as I had put myself on a schedule to just release a rough draft no matter what.

My current job at 80+ hours a week has slowed down enough where I have gotten time to go over my documents.

Still not perfect but...

Hopefully it is a clearer easier read with larger size 14 fonts it should be.
The other books are on their way, I just don't have very much free time right now.