Monday, December 24, 2012

Well it's time to start adventuring in BttDRPG

I have split the documents into five booklets totaling 104 pages that if made into fold over booklets only takes 26 pieces of paper and you have a complete (in playtest form at least) RPG.

I am going to concentrate on making a few simple dungeons and adventures and let the chips fall where they may.

All I have to do is get a few people to play it from both sides of the fence at one table.


Book 1 PC Guide

Book 2 Spells

Book 3 Monsters

Book 4 GM Guide

Book 5 PC Guide 2 Additional Races and Classes

SO print these out in booklet form and fold them over and read them.

If you decide to play it then let me know how you enjoyed it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Once again the famous disappearing half of the document!

Once again the famous disappearing half of the document! Yippie! Yay! the joy of having my feet kicked out from under me once again! I selected a few monsters for an introductory module. Everything below that point just disappeared. I looked over the entire document before I closed it satisfied with all the work I had done. A few hours pass. When I opened it a few minutes ago half of it was missing.

But this time I did do a half decent job of saving HALF my document but for fucks sake what the hell is going on that half my goddamn document just goes poof? For the second time! That settles it the document is going back to being separate booklets while the deleter demons are on the goddamn rampage.

I have been editing and creating documents for years now and have never had shit like this happen.

NOTHING pisses me off more when something is working fine and such and then suddenly goes boom and then the next minute starts working like nothing ever happened. I would rather shit catch on fire and burn the hell down that to have idiopathic bullshit quirks. Ever since OO did their update the spellchecker half worse and editing documents is crap! They are supposed to get better every year but they have gotten progressively worse.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Streamlining Back to the Dungeon RPG

Streamlining Back to the Dungeon RPG

"Behold! I have brought you here from beyond! SO when I look at your game Eldrad it just looks alien. It does not say Back to the Dungeon to me because of the different races and classes! Now die!"

"So what should I do? I know I am going to put "other races and classes" in a appendix at the end of the document!"

"Your game evokes the dawn of Role Playing games in it's simplicity. The original had an innocence so it could get away with being a disorganized mess. You have no such excuse and will not be allowed quarter! Your game can be a bridge between styles but as always there will be those who will never give your game a try. So go DIE!"

"Ah ha! That is already the plan! But I have no schedule!"

"Keep on keeping on or DIE!"

"Thank you oh great one!"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

BttDRPG Playtest Version 0.01

BttDRPG Playtest Version 0.01

Monday, December 10, 2012

BttDRPG Playtest Version in the wings.

SO all I need to do is finish a few monsters (like about 30 to 40 more)and character details and this sucker is ready for me to print out and invite a few people over.

I found another old gamer from the 2nd edition era who had some good ideas and actually read the rules.

How many of you out there have read the rules? IF you have really read them and like or hate them please comment.

I have no problem with any critiques or hard questions.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Day is Saved! GMs that say UH UMMM UH Well Uh m.....

Well it is not that bad. I managed to recover most of my deleted material. Magic and ritual sacrifice works wonders.

Now to a rant after listening to a few Actual Play Podcast/Video. I am not going to say in order to be polite.

GMs that say UH UMMM UH Well Uh m.....

Being a GM is an art. It is acting and being everyone else in a world. Why do some of the most bland and boring people decide to be a GM?

When you run a game make the NPCs alive! DO voices and accents. ACT! Make notes so that every time that NPC is met he or she is the same person. Make them alive and have their lives progress. It wont be that hard in a fantasy RPG as most people don't travel more than a few miles.

Make noises and sound effects if possible. IF you cannot try and do it anyway.

Have mood music. Good music to help the game flow. Have three different albums or more such as Dungeon, Forest, Town, etc.

Always have some kind of one page distraction if it get boring. Throw in a story arc or a completely different story all together. Make them pick and choose with consequences for those that did not assist. Make the world IN NEED OF ADVENTURERS!

Make the setting exciting. Fights don't always happen on flat ground. Make it where they fight on cliff sides, by volcanoes, by acid pits, etc.

Never just make a dungeon a monster hotel. Make it full of history and have many stories inside it. Have people trying to claim jump the dungeon as well. Give the players warning but never let up on them.

ANYTHING FREE you give to a player he or she must pay severely for. Make every level feel like they went through hell.

Kill all stupid players. If they do something stupid and it kills the entire party oh well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Utter contemptible piece of s#!+ !!!

Utter contemptible piece of s#!+ !!!

Well once again the gods have pissed upon me. Half my master document has simply disappeared. Like 40-60 pages of document. From below the druid spell list on back just simply disappeared.


I have it in PDF form from 11 24 2012 but it will have to be completely redone unless I have another old copy saved back and a huge amount of work is lost from that time. It will have to be all reformatted and refitted.


It happened on 11 29 2012 at 8:00 pm. when I copied and pasted my spell list to assist me in creating magic items on a test file all information below that point just went poof for no other reason than to be a dick of a universe.

I have copied and pasted shit thousands upon thousands of times with no fail on shit that really didn't matter to me.

I would have been kind done with this stage and in full playtest mode but the gods suck and are cruel.

Maybe I ought to just delete all of it...


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to the Dungeon Musings and Madness.

Well still barely getting to work on my magic items but still working on them.

At least I have a job now!

I am going to make a new class called a Cultist which is going to be a Rouge mixed with a Cleric. I have actually gotten so close to finishing but I have not settled on a complete game yet.

Once I get a rough draft skeleton I am going to go over the whole document slowly and tweak it and add fluff.

For the fluff content...

Working on a few gods based on the combination of many old myths.

The map will only be what I need.

I will always have history a lost knowledge and it will ALWAYS remain mysterious.

Whatever happened was terrible so long ago and only the oldest of elders can tell the tales of bad times.

Will it ever look like a professional document?

I don't care it's not a professional document it's a hobby.

Will I (and my contributors) make any money?


I don't thinks so but that is not the goal. There really is no money in RPGs anymore.

The goal is/was to make a D20 Light/Old School RPG.

The future of gaming again....More ideas and musings...

Unless the existing Pen and Paper gamers revive the hobby, RPGs won't die out but they will go to a place of rarity such as historical wargamers. Comic/Game Shops have been slowly reducing their shelf sizes when it comes to RPGs.

In the golden age back in the 80s and early 90s many (not all) FLGSs were full of life and it was a cool time to see. Now there are game shops out there that are always building up the hobby by having exhibitions and showings of games but there are many that are closing their doors.