Monday, November 23, 2009

Temple of the Monkey God part 9 million

Well my computer is fried but I managed to save my S&W stuff before it died. Still should have not wiped reinstalled everything as that was not the problem, it was the Mother Board.

Upgraded to a new processor and mother board but BENT a few of the pins on the processor so I have ordered another.


BUT onto the Temple of the Monkey God. No I have not forgotten the module.

It is on the back burner. I just worked an out of town job for 67 days straight 12-13 hours a day then went to another 40 day job for 10 hours a day. I have been accused of "not ever finishing projects" by some of the Old School community but I know said accusers have no idea of the kinds of hours I have to endure.

I still have my 4th edition game which will now be on the back burner as well as three of my key players will be on a holiday schedule which is less time as two of them work for Salvation Army and one is wife of.

So this may free up the players for S&W! Back to TotMG!

Plans are to redo the map as it is very liner in design and the Temple needs to flow. The wilderness maps will be redone MADE DARKER and more encounters added in case the PC's "get off the path".

I now realize that I am a man alone when it come to getting help from my friends to edit, draw, and design anything but that is okay.

It seems that if you come out with a good old school product you can actually make a small amount of cash which is nearly impossible in the main stream gaming (non)community.