Sunday, June 30, 2013

Labrinth Arcana for LL/AEC

What if there was a "Labyrinth Arcana" book with optional rules such as a few extra subclasses and subraces that allowed for a few more choices. Kinda what Unearthed Arcana did for AD&D.

What would you like to see in a book or file such as that?

One rule would to be not to mess with the LL + AEC rules as they are written but to give more options by additions.

Another race of Elves called Wood Elves that can be Rangers 10 or another class like a Warder.
A race of Dwarves called Silver Dwarves that can be MUs 8. Very rare and optional. Dwarven weapons that can be used two handed with a short frame.Such as the ones put in Issue 3 of the Back to the Dungeon Zine for LL/AEC.

So if we were to make a "Labyrinth Arcana" what would the book contain?

Barbarians and Bards?

What do you want to add?

Here is a Drow for the AEC

Requirements: INT 9
Ability Modifiers: DEX +1, CON -1
Ability Min/Max: STR 3/18 (16), DEX 7/19, CON 6/18
INT 8/18, WIS 3/18, CHA 3/18

Also known as dark elves, drow are a depraved and evil demonworshipping subterranean offshoot. White is the most common hair color among drow, with ebony skin and eyes a vivid red. Like other elves, they tend to be 5' tall and slight of build.

A Player Character is most likely going to be a Drow outcast. Never allowed to go home and never accepted in the civilized world.

They have 120" infravision, and if abruptly exposed to light are blinded for 1 rounds. In addition, when in bright light including sunlight they suffer -2 to hit and -2 to DEX.

Drow have keen hearing and are surprised only on 1 on 1d8; they move silently with 90% efficiency in leather armor or the special Drow armor and in a group made up of all Drow. If not then it is only a +20% to Move Silently.

Drow typically attack with short swords or afar with darts which are coated with poison. Victims must save versus poison at -4 or fall unconscious for 1d4 turns. Player character Drow start out with 1d6 darts but cannot replace them.

Drow can use the following spell-like abilities once per day: dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire.

May use two light weapons without penalty

All drow save versus magical effects with a +2.

In addition, drow of 4th level or higher of any class have the following spell-like abilities once per day: detect magic, know alignment, and levitate.

Finally, female drow are more powerful than males, and once per day have the abilities of clairvoyance, detect lie, dispel magic, and suggestion.

Pick Locks -5%
Pick Pockets +5%
Move Silently +20%
Hide in Shadows +10%
Hear Noise +1*
*Elves receive a better dice range for hearing noises. For example,
1st level elven thieves hear noises on a 1-3, and at 9th level it is 1-5.
Hear noise may never be better than 1-5.

Dark Males
Assassin 10
Cleric 7
Fighter 10
Magic User 12
Ranger 6

Dark Females
Assassin 10
Cleric U
Fighter 12
Magic User 5
Ranger 6

Half-Drow only retain the Drow weaknesses and none of the strengths. Yeah I know some of you crybaby min-maxers are bitching right now.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Hero Concepts:I need your vast blogger, comic, and nerd knowledge!

Here are a few Super Hero Concepts and a few suggested skills, powers or whatever. 

I need the vast knowledge of my fellow blog readers to read over this list and see if I totally missed any concepts!  

I was watching the story and action flow on The Avengers and I must say the less rules the more explosions and collaterial damage you can come up with! 

Don't roll up a character! Write up a character! 
If you have ever read over my Freeform version of Hero's Mag then you know what this list is. IF you have not take a look!

Absorber – You have the ability to absorb physical or energy damage and make yourself more powerful.
Acrobatic – You are a highly trained acrobat capable of doing incredible feats of crime fighting daring.
Agent – You are a super agent of some government agency. You have many weapons and devices each issue.
Alien – You are an alien from another planet with strange and terrible powers.
Amphibian – You are a hero with the ability to breath underwater and withstand the great pressures of the deep.
Android – You are a highly advanced living machine of great power. You can have many powers and abilities.
Angel – You are a divine being of great power. Most angels have wings.
Animal – You are a gifted or intelligent animal that may even have super powers.
Animorph – You can change into an animal and/or something in between.
Anthropomorphic Animal – Intelligent animals evolved into humanized forms.
Arachnoid – You are a hero with the powers of wall crawling and web spinning as well as incredible feats of agility and perception.
Battlesuit – You have a powerful Battlesuit with sensor array, flight system, weapons systems, and super strength.
Beast Rider – You ride some sort of beast. You act as one unit fighting crime or spreading evil.
Beastman – You are a hero with beast like powers such as claws, tracking, and quick healing.
Berserker – You a a being who’s powers come from anger. The madder you are the more powerful you become.
Birdman – You are a winged hero. Many are mistaken for angels.
Blaster – You have the power to project powerful blast of energy of your choice.
Bowman-You are a skilled archer with many arrows of different powers.
Brawler – You are skilled at fighting beyond most people.
Brute – You are a super strong and super tough able to withstand huge amounts of damage.
Bullseye – You have the ability to throw or shoot any item and not miss.
Controller – You can control some kind of energy or force of your choice.
Contaminator – You touch either poisons, weakens, or diseases others.
Cowboy – You are a modern day gunslinger and roper.
Crazy – You are a hero or villain with a gimmick such as clown makeup, riddles, or something from arty to silly.
Cyborg -You are half man and machine of great power.
Detective – You are a costumed detective fighting against the underworld with your stealthy ability, fighting skill, and devices.
Density Control – You can control your density where you can become incorporeal or immovable.
Demon – These are fallen angels. Most seek to cause trouble on this world.
Dimensional Traveler – You are a traveler of different dimensions.
Devil – You are a powerful evil god of fearsome appearance of some ancient time.
Drainer – You have the ability to drain other heroes powers for a short time and use them
Driver – You drive a very special vehicle full of weaponry and devices.
Dwarf – You are a secret race of short stocky bearded underground miners.
Elemental Body – You have the ability to change into something else such as fire, stone, metal, liquid, or whatever you think of.
Elemental Control – You have the ability to control a form of energy or matter.
Elf - One of the most ancient races of the world. Most are very human like and have signature pointed ears and great beauty.
Emotion Controller – You control the emotions of others.
Explosive- You have the ability to release large amounts of energy damaging all people in the area.
Fey – You are a fey from the fairy realm. You can be beautiful or terrible. Most are harmed by cold iron or other strange things.
Freak – You are something weird(er) than weird.
Gadgetry Master – You are a heroes full of devices each issue.
Genius – You have super high intelligence able to create new science, devices, and come up with plans.
Giant – You are one of the ancient races that plagued or helped mankind.
God – You are an ancient god of great power.
Golumn – You are a free willed creation that is powered by magic.
Healer – You have the powers to heal and regenerate others. You are very valuable in a battle.
Hex – You have the ability to make other have really bad luck and hurt themselves.
Immortal – You are a hero that cannot die
Immovable – You can plant yourself into one place and cannot be moved. This makes you kind of a brute.
Insectoid – You are a hero with the powers of an insect such as flight, stinger, wall crawling and any others you think of.
Invulnerably – You cannot be harmed by most physical damage. Most Invulnerable people are quite strong as well.
Jet Pack – You have a jet pack and know how to use it.
Jet Pilot – You are a pilot of a jet full of weaponry. Most likely a very special jet.
Knight -You are a highly trained hero trained in martial weapons and with powerful armor.
Lucky – You can make yourself lucky to win against opponents.
Lycan -You are a were creature. Most Lycans are werewolves but you can be of any other kind of were creature.
Mage -You are a master of magic. The mage is the most common name but there are many others such as Wizard, Warlock, Witch, Druid, and whatever you think of.
Martial Artist – You are a master of the martial arts. There are many titles such as monk, kung-fu or karate master, ninja, and whatever you can think of.
Master of Disguise- You have the skill to change your appearance to completely fool others.
Mecha – You have giant robot that you drive around.
Merc – You are a highly trained solider of fortune with many weapons. You are trained enough to take on supers.
MIXED – This is a character that is mixed with many of the other clinches.
Morph – You can shape shift into anything you desire.
Multiplier – You can make copies of yourself that function independently. You are a one man army.
Mutant – You are an evolved human of great power. Most mutants are hated due to their fearsome power and unusual looks.
Nature Spirit – You are a powerful forgotten ancient force of nature personified.
Ninja- Many Ninja are simple shadow assassins but there are many super powered beings that are also ninja.
Nullify – You have the power to nullify others powers.
Omnivore – You have the ability to bite through anything and digest it.
Orc – You are one of the ancient evil races hidden on our world.
OTHER SKILLS and ABILITIES – Any other skills and abilities not listed here.
Patriot – You are a national hero powered by the patriotism of the people of your country.
Perfect – You are a super strong, invulnerable, flying super person with possibly x-ray vision and laser eyes.
Psion – You are a master of mental powers such as mental blast, force fields, telekinesis, and any other cool neat psionic powers.
Phase – You can become incorporeal and phase through solid objects. You are able to damage things from the inside out.
Plantman – You have the abilities of plant and human. You must decide what these powers are as there are thousands of plants.
Primordial – You are one of the ancient godlike beings that inhabited the universe before time.
Reptileman – You are a person with the powers of a lizard, frog, turtle, or some other kind of reptile.
Robot – You are a free willed machine.
Saint – You are a hero powered by your religion.
Samurai – You are a Japanese samurai.
Seer – You are one that can predict or see the future.
Shaper – You use a strange form of energy that you can form into shapes and devices for a short duration of time.
Shooter – You are a hero with a special type of super gun that does different types of damage.
Size Changer – The kind of hero who can get bigger and/or smaller.
Speedster – The super fast speeding hero.
Spinner – A rotating and spinning character.
Streetwise – The skill of knowing the street.
Stretchy – You are a hero with the ability to stretch.
Super Soldier – You are a highly trained and genetically altered soldier.
Summoner – You can summon minions of some kind to fight for you.
Swashbuckler – The fancy talking sword/bow/whip/throwing dagger using throwback from another era who is dashing and heroic.
Taint – You are a villain that is powered by evil gods and devils.
Teleporter – You have the ability to jump from one place to another without crossing space.
Time Traveler – You can travel through time.
Transmuter – You can transmute one element into another.
Tunneler -You have the ability to tunnel thought the earth.
Undead – You are one of the living dead that exist to fight evil or get vengeance with many powers.
Unstoppable – You are the type of hero that can ram into things like a bull or rino and cannot be stopped by normal means.
Vampire – You are one of the undead of great power that must feed on blood to survive. Vampires have many different powers
but common ones are gaseous form, bat and wolf form, claws and teeth, regeneration, and super strength and speed.
Wealthy – You are super rich and can afford almost anything.
Weapons Master – You can use ancient weapons of all sorts with superior martial skill.
Wildman – You are a primitive hero in a modern world. You have superior hunting, fighting, and survival skills.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Super Hero RPGs Questions

Are Super Hero RPGs appealing to you?

Do you like to only play in established worlds such as Marvel, DC, etc. 


in RPG Super's worlds such as Champions, Villains &Vigilantes, Mutants and Masterminds, and others? 

What is your favorite Supers rules and why?  

What is it about the rules that you like?

What is your most disliked set of Supers rules and why? 

What would you like to see done in a set of Supers RPG rules? 

What do you think about generic Supers settings? 

What do you want out of a Supers RPG?

Rule light or rules heavy?  

Stealing Cliches okay with you? 

Just getting a few thoughts of the gamers out there.

I am working on a revamp of my old set of Supers RPG Rules called Hero's Mag. I have had the original version, the free-form version, the rules heavy version and now back to a revamp of the old set of rules. The revamp just plays faster.