Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Back to the Dungeon Role Playing Game

Here is the latest version of the Back to the Dungeon RPG !!!

Hope you enjoy this edited version with a Table of Contents.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

TERRO ATTACKS An adventure for Hero's Mag Role Playing Game!

Here is a simple yet challenging scenario for the pen and paper free form dice assisted Supers RPG called Hero's Mag.
Setting: In the city center, business district, amongst the sky scrapers.

Terro the Morph able to change into almost any shape and form. Terro is infiltration the Zeus Corporation a biomedical corporation with ties to the Dark Masters. He hopes to release the terrible Bio-Genoids upon the city to expose what the Zeus Corporation has been doing. He also is going to steal a few million in trade secrets and is going to try and get some insider trader info. He is going to leave evidence of the Cartel preforming this job.

Tornadoh the Spinner is waiting to help out Terro and is being paid well to do so. He will provide the proper distraction for Terro to do his infiltration and sabotage when he gets the signal. Tornadoh is not interested in fighting just causing havoc. If it gets too tough he will retreat.

Boomer Slice the Weapons Master is setting the place up with hundreds of robot drones all stashed and in hiding. When the signal is given the drones will be activated and will patrol the area around the Zeus Corporation headquarters. When the job is done and his boss is clear, missiles will hit the building until it collapses. At the same time three refineries will also have bombs go off.

Lilith Black the Psion She will gain control of many gangs and pose as a gang member. She will have the gangs attack in full force after the drones come out and take out any police resistance. Lilith will fade into the crowd after everything is over.

Someone has been tapping into the Zeus Corporation's mainframe according to the news.

Massive weapon shipments of weapons have been coming into the city.

Gangs have been unifying and gathering strength. The opposing gangs are being whipped out. People are leaving the city. Even the police are being killed out. Don't ask questions!

Some kind of Drone was found by some nosy kids.

A mysterious benefactor notifies the characters of a dead executive that was seen in the office the next day. When everyone told him that they though he was dead he ran out panicked! Many o the executives go missing for long periods of time, have been missing days, or are acting strange.

Terro the Morph able to change into almost any shape and form. He is an expert brawler and can morph himself into vary strong and resistant forms. Strong enough to throw small cars and resistant enough against small arms fire. He is an expert actor and is very well educated. 
Tornadoh the Spinner is a cyborg with a gyroscopic spinning propulsion system made back in the 70s from alien technology. He can create whirlwinds that are powerful enough to knock over cars and trucks and blow over small buildings. He loves to break windows and throw glass everywhere! He cannot control the whirlwinds very well so most of the time it is just mindless destruction. He can fly at around 300 MPH and his suit is an aerodynamic shell that can stop small missile fire. Tornahdoh has very little skills or knowledge as he was given the Spinner Cybernetics by a crime lord he later betrayed. A few government officials are still looking for the Spinner Cybernetics.

Boomer Slice the Weapons Master is an egotistical merc with access to all kinds of hi technological weapons. He has machine gun drones that can fly and shoot, missile drones that have a four missile payload then they kamikaze and explode with depleted uranium shrapnel, a multi fire super machine gun with over ten different kinds of shots, a booby trapped jet pack for escape, a booby trapped jet bike in the sewer for escape, as well as a huge drone helicopter to come and get him.

Lilith Black the Psion is a normal looking teenage girl all dressed in black. Very Gothic. She can manipulate and influence most people she meets and change their actual though patterns. She will use anyone as cannon fodder to escape.

Bio-Genoids are huge biomechanical beings. They have strength to throw around cars and alloy claws. Hardy and able to withstand small gunfire and very stealthy. They cannot talk but are very adept at survival. The 20 that are released will attempt to fight their way out of the public view and go into combat survival mode.