Sunday, May 10, 2015

Stranger Gamer

The Stranger in Saint Antonio
He walks in and finds some friends. Gamers like him who let him hang out. A stranger once a young, a gamer now old and from out of town. 

They play their games that groups of players do. Complicated and confusing the new and improved games are. The stranger knows rules old and new. He understands them all. The theory the goal of the rules. Most crush themselves under their own weight. 

The players could be having so much more fun! Stop and look at the book, stop and look at the book! Stop and look at the book, stop and look at the book! Stop and look at the book, stop and look at the book! Less play but a rule for everything! Stop and look at the book! The poor game master looks tested.

The stranger now older and wiser offers them a glimpse of the olden days. Something that was magical and simpler yet elegant. He offers them a real test of wits! An adventure!

An ancient city teeming full of adventure. A giant dungeon full of secrets, monsters, and deadly traps! The stranger exclaims with very much excitement and charisma! 

The younger gamers only versed in the new ways look in wonder! They are taking the bait! I can now run the game they way it is supposed to be! They did not seem to be having any fun their way.  

The older jaded gamer in their group says “Nay I am tired of standard fantasy gaming. Thanks but no thanks”. The younger gamers follow! Not knowing as their mentor and hero speaks to his way of gaming. Never getting to try out Old School.

A few of the older gamers also in following say “not interested in the old school thing” as if it is a disease! They too are followers. If the stranger could just show them once! Their mentor seeming satisfied and wanders off with his following.   

The stranger is once again disappointed but this is nothing new. Many days and nights of adventures lost to stubborn players back home who only want to play the new complicated rules yet they can't run them. The stranger can but take no joy in running overcomplicated crap. 

The stranger post upon the winds that he is here and a few old schoolers reply. Some out of town and some reply and ignore. The stranger is saddened. He sees his time is short in the city. 

They do not reply. His weekends go by. Alone a stranger in this city. A kindred spirit of these other gamers yet they do not invite him or they have something other to do. Others are too far away. 

Now his time has ended in this city. Here the old school is as dead as it is back at home. He solemnly puts his books up and stashes his dice bag. He will not miss this city as much as he thought. 

The stranger writes this before it happens. All of the old schoolers say READY TO GAME as he leaves the city. But alas it is too late! Eldrad the Wizard is gone and is no more...

None here in this city will get the chance to adventure in his world as told by Eldrad. A world in need of brave foolhardy adventurers...  
In a Little Barony far far in the Western Frontier...

Year 2012


  1. I know the feeling. Had a very similar experience once at a convention. Had been standing close to the notification for my game when three guys stopped by, read the description and were like "This is suppossed to be a mix of HackMaster, D&D RC and house rules? WtF?! Can't be any good ...". It had been devastating. Especially players considering themselves as "seasoned" are more often than not so blinded by the new and shiny that they rather defend their dumb conmercialism instead of taking a step back and giving the old stuff some new spin. It's the world we live in, I guess.

    And the OSR isn't as strong outside it's vivid online presence might make one believe. After that I thought about offering a presentation about what the OSR is for the next convention. But I came to the same conclusion you did. Screw them, it's their loss.

    Sorry for rambling about it, but although it has been over a year ago it still irks me sometimes ... Anyway, keep on keeping on, strength is in persistance :-)

  2. Thanks for the response! I was wondering if my story might hit a note for someone.