Thursday, October 18, 2012

Screw you Battle-net, Blizzard, and World of Warcraft

So I have not played my free trial of WoW lately so I go to play and see it has an update. I try twice and it's corrupted but on the third time yeah! it worked. Git the panda update!

I go to log it and notice that all my login info has disappeared with the new up date. What a stupid sucky feature.

That's just stupid. Maybe I got hacked? A big company like this it should be "no problem" to recover my information.

Fine I go to login with what I am "pretty sure" is the right password. Nope the password does not work. Fine I will recover password and it want's my user name and email address.

It does not recognize my username and password combination. Unlike almost every other password recovery these genius want you to put in your name and email. Wouldn't my email be enough?

SO I realize that my password and my user name does not work and recovery of such is now impossible so I go to the support to try and reset everything and in order to do that you must have email address and user name. What a dumbass asinine web design.

There was one way that I could put in my cell phone number. Nah I don't think so . Not going to get 500 call a day again when my number is sold.

Yeah. Not looking good.

SO I decide to just contact them directly but you can't. There seems to be NO emails, contact info, just ,more bullshit runaround.

SCREW IT! SO I deleted the free trial and everything! Screw you Battle-net, Blizzard and World of Warcraft.

You and your website builders are idiots.


  1. Oh and years ago they pissed me of as well when I was given a "free trial" that required a credit card. That "freeness" came up after DAYS of updates and waiting.

  2. WOW the costumer service SUCKS! I explained to these people my user name is toast WOW they sent me an automated letter. Nope not getting any of my money.

    This is an automatic message to let you know that Blizzard Entertainment's Hacks & Anti-Piracy team has received your report.

    Due to the volume of email we receive, this may be the only response you receive from us regarding this report. Rest assured that your report will be handled appropriately.

    The hacks mailbox is unable to provide support for the following issues:

    -Recovering lost or stolen accounts.
    -Replacing damaged, lost, or stolen CD keys.
    -Replacing lost or stolen in-game items.
    -Requests for technical support or gameplay hints.

    For additional information, or if you believe your account has been compromised, please visit our Account Security page ( This page contains resources you can use to improve your security and recover your account. You can also submit a Customer Support ticket on our Support Site (

    It is Blizzard’s goal to combat cheating and hacking on multiple fronts, and we realize this effort will be impossible without support from our players. We appreciate your contribution to our efforts to diminish cheating and hacking within the community.

    Thank you for your support!

    Note: If your message contains obscenities, abusive, or threatening language directed at our staff, it will be discarded without further action.