Monday, October 15, 2012

BttDRPG Dissecting the Classes Part II

Since the last overwhelming response and comments I decided to bang my head upon a steel door and post Part Deux!

The cleric is a priest of the old and ancient gods. He heals the sick and uses the powers from his god to further his gods cause.

Armor: Any approved by their gods.
Weapons: Any approved by their gods.
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 4 levels.
Natural 20: When a Cleric rolls a natural “20” every ally gets 1d6 healing and all undead take 1d6 damage in Wisdom radius in feet and 1d6 spell levels are recharged. Every two levels the dice increases.
A cleric must have a Wisdom of 9 or more. A cleric may use his Wisdom to receive an insight from his god. He also may use his Intelligence on questions of Lore and Theology. The Cleric may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way. Normal difficulty is 10 + Damage done. The Cleric may also use his Charisma to preach to people to keep their spirits up and convince them of the right path to take. Can turn undead. Can cast Cleric Spells. He is able to fight quite well and can use any armor. The various religions restrict most clerics to blunt weapons though some gods allow for their chosen weapons. A cleric may convert any memorized spell into a healing spell at will. May use Chosen weapons of God. May wear any armor.

The magic user is the wizard and witch of old.

Armor: Cannot cast in armor without great difficulty. Must make an intelligent roll with the armor added to DC 15 to cast a spell.
Weapons: Can poorly use any weapons
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 6 levels.
Natural 20: The Mage does an Arcane Overload. This causes a magical energy to blast out at Intelligence Radius and do 1d6 to any chosen enemy in an area. In addition the Arcane Overload recharges 1d6 spell levels.

A mage must have an Intelligence of 9 or more. A magic user may use his intelligence to see if he knows any lore about any certain occult subjects. Can cast Arcane Spells. The magic user may use his Constitution to keep his concentration if he is hit while casting a spell or distracted in any way. Normal difficulty is 10 + Damage done. Has 2+ Int bonus of 0 level spells and 1 plus Int bonus of first level spells plus ALL magic-users have Read Magic for free. The Mage must look for or buy any future spell he needs to cast. Can create scrolls at 1st level and create magic items at 7th level and beyond. Has the ability of Wand Use if he buys the proper wand of power. Mages can cast a spell per battle by using a slot two levels higher. They can cast two spells a battle by using a slot four levels higher. They can cast a spell every round by using a slot six levels higher.

A monk is a trained martial artist.

Armor: None by code of honor. You get +1 Dodge Bonus plus +1 every 2 levels to AC. You also add your Dex and Wis bonus to AC.
Weapons: Any but prefers fist.
Hit Points: 12+ 1d12 per level.
+1 to Hit: You get +1 to hit every 2 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” The monk can do a Flurry of Blows hitting 1d6 hits in addition to normal hits within ten feet of character, Knockback 10-60 ft, Shout that stuns the opponent for 1d6 rounds, Knockdown and stun all adjacent for one round, or Leap 10-60 ft onto and enemy.

A monk does 1d6 per hand to hand attack adding another 1d6 every 2 levels as a separate attack. A monks defense goes up one every two levels as well. Monks are honor bound to not wear armor. Monks add their Dexterity and Wisdom modifier to starting AC. A monk adds five feet to his fall distance every two levels. The monk is immune to any from of mind control and illusions at eighth level and is immune to any quest or geas at tenth. A monk may fake death at fifth level. The monk can use his Dexterity to do incredible acrobatic feats far better than the thief as well as scale sheer surfaces, move silently, and hide in shadows. The Monk may use his Wisdom to sense danger far better than any other character. The Monk can use his Wisdom or Intelligence on minor Lore questions. All Monks gain +5 Movement every 2 levels.

The noble is a steadfast fighter and natural leader.
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 8 + 1d8 per level.
+1 to Hit: +1 to hit every 4 levels.
Natural 20: On a natural “20” you may Command all allies to move and attack as a free action and get a +2 to the attack.

The noble uses his Intelligence to recall many subjects of Lore and Heraldry. He uses his Wisdom to perceive the true motives of others. The noble also uses his Charisma to inspire or intimidate others. Many dabble in the use of magic items and scrolls as their training in lore allow them to use such things. The noble doubles the amount of starting gold.


  1. Interesting how each class has a "Natural 20" rule for it. Might I suggest you make a permanent link near the top of your blog for anyone who wants to look at BTTDRPG - I had to go back through the previous posts to find the URL for the google doc version. I think it's brave of you to produce a new RPG considering how many retroclones and variants are floating around the OSR bloggosphere, not to mention the original versions of D&D. Your game will need to bring something special in order to carve out its own niche in the crowded market.
    As for expecting a response from blog readers? I gave up on that years ago. Now I blog mainly for myself, and if anyone else gets something out of it, that's an added bonus.
    Good luck with your project.

  2. Thanks!

    My game is going to be free and set up to print out in small fold over booklets.

    There may be a print book in the future but that's really far away.

    I am doing it from the hobbyist approach.