Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BttDRPG The One Document


SO here is an UPDATED version of the documents all in one document. Really choppy but there are some improvements.

I decided I am not going to have any sacred cows. After all cows are to be sacrificed to Chthulu when you run out of virgins.

I went back to the "Basic" Attribute/Bonus Scheme.

ALL classes will fight at + 1/2 level To Hit though Fighting types get an additional +1, Average combatants get a +0, and no fighting types get -1 starting off at 1st level plus Str or Dex.

I also decided to use a Vanican spell point variant. Has translated very nicely. Casters just starting in magic will only run out of spells after a few battles not after one spell. I may have to weaken the sleep spell.

Hmmm could a victim be sacrificed and their Con score (or a default of 10 +1/2HD if the creature only has HD)to get free Spell Points?

Should I call Spell Points Mana?

A mage for instance has Spell Points equal to his Intelligence. Each level they gain 1d6 spell points. Spells cost equal to level and 0 level spells cost 1/2.

I added in a few more playable races though not finished. May add in Orcs, Goblins, etc. I like lots or race options as long as it's simple!

I may increase starting hit points.

Possibly HD + HD roll + Con? or Con + HD? What do you think?

Read over it and critique as I think am going to add some more features to the classes.

I am working on a Warlock and Psion very soon to add.

Any suggestions for classes?

So has anyone playtested this sucker yet? If not please do so. I am not tooting my own horn but this is a pretty good set of houserules.

When you roll a 20 as a fighter DAMN the monsters tend to DIE!

Now with Casters being simplified and streamlined it should be really fun to play one.

This game comes from over 32 years of gaming experience from me and no telling how much from the people that assisted me.

The point is to be able to get players from both styles to gather together and shut the fuck up and play. Have a good time!

For the Game Master it's a pleasure to run something that does not require rules just rulings.

I got a damn vision here of what gaming is and from it I shall not wane!

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