Friday, October 19, 2012

DnD Next Progress as I see it, 4th Edition Memories, I lament my game.

DnD Next Progress as I see it, 4th Edition Memories, I lament my game.

DnD Next Progress
The "BASE" System is good and will over shadow the "other addition editions" and will hilariously show how the old school gaming style is superior as it gives the players ALL the options and less restrictions.

The game will also show how the new school options are superior to the old school restrictions.

Only complete dumbass sticks in the mud will e unhappy. That is until they play.

DnD is back and it has evolved for everyone.

Many players and DMs that have been playing that way for years anyway will go NO DUH!

IMHO DnDNext may/will be the best version of DnD ever made. Their problem is they have burned all their customers one way or another BUT DnD next will be a slow cure.

Something unheard of may happen.

Old and New school players and DMs will sit at the same table STFU and just go back to playing and having a good time.

Gaming may actually become fun again and that will mean more gaming for everyone!

4th Edition Memories
Sadly 4th Edition ended in my life when I decided I could not stand it anymore. The game had just gotten too repetitive and some of the players were story gamers and not rules gamers and they were NOT having a good time AND the rest of the group would only play 4th NOTHING ELSE.

There were serious design flaws. Way too much monster HPs or way too little damage from the players. I think if someone would amp up the damage and shit would die in 4th I might just go back and play it.

You have to put yourself in the game designers seat for a second. They did not make 4th Edition to hurt you okay.

They thought they were doing the right thing.

They are games just like you. They were hard headed and ignored ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS from their playtesters but they were most likely one of us.

I was talking to some people online and they basically were saying IF they met the 4th edition designers thy would kick their ass. Really is it that serious for them? I live eat breath RPGs (and sadly don't get to play much) and I don't get that stupid about it.

For me 4th Edition has lots of good and fun memories AND it has a few sucky memories. SO the question is IF you could have "repaired" 4th Edition what would you have changed?

I lament my game.

Well all the work and deletion all these years has brought me to this point. My game originally called CFRPG but now called BttDRPG has fell flat on it's face. Very few if any responses.

Throughout the years my coolness is slipping. I am getting old and outdated.

I basically came out with what DnD Next is going to be way ahead of the curve but my presentation obviously sucked.

Very few to nobody is biting, caring, giving a shit, loving it, or hating it.

Ah realization! I have made a Fantasy Heartbreaker! Now I truly know what that term means.

I lament my game. But at least I have only spent time on it and not money.

The elves sing songs but I do not have the heart to say what they are singing.


  1. Don't give up on your game! It is very good.
    keep trying. Keep talking about it. Let people know.
    And add more flavor and details to your ideas. You have something good. Thanks and best wishes.

  2. Thanks Anon Ymous!
    Well I just don't know the whole thing grow very tiresome for me. I will shelve it for now and see what happens later.

  3. Sorry to hear about your heartbreak! If it's any consolation, I think it happens to a lot of us.

  4. Well I am still doing good! Thanks! Castle Falkenstein is an upcoming review.