Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Halloween! I have a little horror survival game I rewrote from a few years ago in a simpler form. As in all my games IT'S IN A ROUGH DRAFT FORM!

Inspired by Kreg Moiser's The Dead, S.P. Wipfli's DEAD MEAT, AFMBE, The Deadworld Comics, All the Romero and Russo movies, and any other Zombie Movies that I have seen. Oh and let us not forget AMC's The Walking Dead.

Original Horror World conceived back somewhere in the early 90's and long gone.

Completely easy to make a Player Victim. In fact if you are going to play make a few Victims because players die. Heroes that try and shoot every undead they see will find themselves eaten by the dead when they run out of bullets.

I have always found problems with many of the survival games out there namely complexity and long character creation then you play and die fast.

A decent gamer will live a very long time if he is tactical in this game. Keep the crowds of the dead far away from you and you will live a long time. Get caught in a crowd then bye bye!

Worst monsters of all are other people. Mankind when set free from all rules become the real monsters.

It is a really scary game if ran right.

Since the LINK feature has NEVER worked on this site here it is.

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