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The Rangers Kickstarter: A movie by people who love what they do!

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Lt. Wolf and his Wolf Pack, an elite unit of Rangers, uncover a long-forgotten peril of ancient evil reawakening in this epic fantasy.
A new legend created by Ron Newcomb, a huge fantasy fan and award winning director, with the vision and skills to bring this bold and gritty tale into reality. Together, with your help, the team of creative minds, talented craftsmen, and actors can greenlight this epic fantasy, “The Rangers.”

The Rangers is about a special force of elite warriors known as Rangers. What is a Ranger? Rangers are mysterious warriors who operate on the fringe of the kingdom of Olaran, using their unique set of wilderness skills to bring justice to the borderlands. Founded many years ago by King Alirion who saw the need to have a force of warriors loyal to the crown, outside of the highly political royal court and aristocratic knights of the military, as a first line of defense. A force that could be the eyes, ears, voice, and hand of the king in the wilds. They are the beacon lighters, they are the law and order to the distant boundaries of the realm, set on the frontiers to guard and watch the borders of the Kingdom. Our story follows the adventures of the unit of Rangers led by Lieutenant Brander Noke, also known as Wolf, for his ferocious, savage, and often unorthodox pursuit of elves during The Elf Wars, and their new rookie Soren Fell, a half elf, whose identity may hold the key to unlocking the enigma of the gathering darkness. Together, they must strive to help their world to overcome the greatest challenge of their time, while they face their own personal demons. Can the Rangers save their world?

The World of The Rangers
The World of The Rangers
The Rangers is set in a world of high fantasy. It is a rich multi-layered and complex world, with it’s own mythos and lexicon of heroes and races. When we began conceiving the world of The Rangers we started with a creation myth and a timeline for the history of the world, in the same vein as Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings". Drawing from our extensive role playing backgrounds and an almost Dungeons & Dragons style adventure world creation, we strove to produce a “Game of Thrones” level of intrigue in our realm, with surprises for the characters and viewers around every castle corner, and treacherous mountain pass.

Ranger Seal
Ranger Seal
You may have pictured Rangers like when Strider first appears puffing on his pipe at the Prancing Pony, or The Rangers of The North, maybe your vision of a Ranger was Robin Hood, or Drizzt Do’urden, possibly The Night’s Watch comes to mind, maybe even your favorite D&D character, The Rangers are all of that and more. They are even a bit Jedi (well at least, what I thought Jedi were as I grew up in the '80s - not as in with the force, but their awe and respect). We can't wait to get to filming The Rangers Summer of 2014 around the Northern Virginia (US) areas.
~Loyalty~Honor~Courage~Forever~The Rangers

The Rangers at its core is a story of a team, a band of brothers. It takes a team effort to make a great fantasy project like The Rangers come to fruition; here are some of the major players on the project:

Ben Dobyns - Zombie Orpheous Entertainment 
Kynan Griffin - Arrowstorm Entertainment
Jason Faller - Arrowstorm Entertainment
Ralph Singleton - IMDB
Medieval Collectibles - get your gear!
WarPaint - comics anyone?
Middle-Earth Network - fans becoming creators.
Join your blade to ours and help us create the quality fantasy entertainment you long to see! The power is in your hands “vote” for the content you want to see by backing The Rangers. Ron and Scott’s film “Rise of the Fellowship” won Best Feature Film at GenCon in 2012 and got domestic and international distribution. Their critically acclaimed documentary, “Made in the USA,” is also in distribution. Skip Lipman was one of the major creative forces behind the documentary, Darkon The Movie. Darkon won the Best Documentary Audience Award at the 2006 South By Southwest Festival, in Austin and has grown to cult classic status. We are proven filmmakers, and proud of these films, but this is the world we dream to be in now. Back the The Rangers and Kickstart this project!
The Rangers is currently in full scale pre-production, with all that entails. We are working hard towards hammering-out, honing, and finalizing our epic script. (our team of writers has turned out an awesome story for us to work with!) We have already completed a successful concept photo shoot and created some great looking test footage. Now we are deep in, scouting, confirming locations, and assembling a winning team. The time is upon us, and we are asking for your support to take this project the next level!

The funds we acquire through this Kickstarter will be carefully allocated. Our business plan will see the money carefully used for getting this film through production as well as post-production. With the highest possible production value we can squeeze out of every dollar invested. We need to pay for the talent, an elite film crew and their equipment, props, wardrobe, special effects make-up, CGI, post-production, marketing, insurance, and craft services (gotta feed 'em). DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR AKA THE BIG PICTURE We have big plans for The Rangers, so we also have well thought out STRETCH GOALS, when the landslide of support we hope for materializes.

Where we'll spend the funds raised.
Where we'll spend the funds raised.

We can do it!
We can do it!

We want you to be as excited about this project as we are, so we have come up with a collection of great rewards for your support. Don’t stop there! Join us and become an ambassador for this project by backing it and then, sounding the call to arms, share this page and help get the word out about The Rangers.

LARP Ranger Sword - Reward
LARP Ranger Sword - Reward

Example Reward -  Custom belt buckle designed and made by UK artist James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop.
Example Reward - Custom belt buckle designed and made by UK artist James Ewing of The Ewing Workshop.

Concept CCG Card by artist Dan Rebeiz & designer Nikole Jones
Concept CCG Card by artist Dan Rebeiz & designer Nikole Jones
We have taken a transmedia approach in the concept of The Rangers from its inception. Developing The Rangers Card Game and commissioning the Lt. Wolf miniature with an eye towards a tabletop battle game, in conjunction with the film development. With plans for novelizing the story, a graphic novel, a video game down the road, and more in the works. The goal, fantasy entertainment with total fan engagement and satisfaction in mind. The Rangers has a whole world of imagination to explore, join us on the journey and help us take the next steps in the great adventure.

Reward Summary
Reward Summary

Want to Audition for The Rangers? http://therangers.mymiddleearth.com/audition/ 

What can I do?

  • Make a donation, any amount & don't wait to do so. Everything helps, including momentum! It puts your name to ours and shows everyone you don't just believe in the project, you are a part of the project!
  • Spread the word. Share the Campaign on your Twitter and Facebook. The more people we reach, the greater the chances are that the film gets made!
  • Let BLOGGERS know, or give us a Shout in FORUMS, we "vote" by sharing what we love. So, if you love fantasy - give us a shout out!
  • Encourage at least one person to donate! A Ranger never goes at it alone.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share your thoughts and ideas! Use: #TheRangersFilm
  • Check out our film website: www.TheRangersFilm.com and stay tuned!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Filmmaking is a complicated and technical endeavor, often unforeseen difficulties will arise, causing budget and scheduling overruns, particularly when complex visual effects are involved. That being said, we are doing a vast amount of pre-planning to be prepared for every eventuality, but will also ensure that we have high quality Production Insurance in place for that “just in case” moment. Our key team members are an experienced group and have successfully completed and released every film that they have started, with marketable and award winning efforts. And just in case we've missed something, we have aligned ourselves with a very impressive Board of Advisers that will guide us where we have not been. We have set this task before ourselves and intend to accomplish our goals with your help.
Thanks again, on behalf of all of The Rangers!

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