Sunday, March 9, 2014

BttDRPG my version of the Fighter and Barbarian (also for FLAILSNAILS)

Here are my version of the old classes. 

The brave and strong Fighter is the backbone of any adventuring group. He is the first line of defense against any and all threats. Fighters can be of any background and come from anywhere. Most Fighters depend on their Strength to do great damage on their opponents in combat. The Fighter answers most conflict with weapons drawn. They are trained at all weapons and armor. They are the simplest class to play.

The Fighter may use his Strength to perform a feat of Strength such as moving heavy objects that no other characters can use.

The Fighter may also use his Intelligence to see the quality of weapons and armor.

A Fighter may also use his Wisdom to keep control of his horse or other steed. The Fighter may also keep his undivided attention on opponents that if they try and get past him or attack anyone else, he will get a free attack against as many enemies as his Wisdom Bonus even if he has already taken an action this round.

A Fighter can cleave one extra victim every two levels. You are proficient in all weapons and armor.

Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 10 + 1d10 per level.
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: Fighters get the Melee Critical Hit ability. When they roll a natural “20” they automatically do triple damage in Melee Combat only. This damage continues to cleave to the next monster if the first one dies from the massive damage. Critical hits improve to x4 at 4th level x 5 at 8th level improving every 4 levels. 

Barbarians are warriors from primitive civilizations that exist far from the gleaming decadent walled cities of mankind. Barbarians are very much feared in the borderlands of civilizations! They fight to exist in the plains, swamps, forest, highlands, and badlands against the hordes of vile humanoids and undead that lurks in great numbers in the ancient wildernesses. Barbarians are the warrior of the Primal Wildernesses that separate the small bastions of mankind. These daily challenges to life itself forge the powerful and strong Barbarians. Barbarians tend to distrust magic unless it is from ones that also lurk in the wildernesses such as Druids. Barbarians are quick to answer any challenge with huge blades and have very little problem killing those who cross them in the slightest offense. Barbarians use the primal rage that comes from having to survive in wild and monster filled wildernesses.

Barbarians use their Strength to perform Feats of Strength, Jumping long distances, and climbing sheer cliffs but not as good as a thief.

They use their Dexterity to perform stealth as good as a thief as long as they are in leather armor or less.

They use their Constitution to drink large amounts of alcohol, ignore pain, and resist poisons and drugs.

They use their Wisdom to sense the weather and wilderness survival.

They use their Charisma to intimidate and push around lesser people.

With two handed weapons may cleave +1 creature per level. Their Critical hits go up every four levels like Fighting Men every four levels but start out at only x2 damage. This means that when you kill one creature your blade passes through it to the next creature. You continue this as long as the victim dies and until you run out of cleaves or movement. Rage which gives +2 to hit and damage for Constitution in Rounds plus 1 a level. Barbarians must roll Wisdom or Higher to come out of Rage. All barbarians gain +5 to Movement every 2 levels if wearing light armor. Barbarians gain 1 point of damage reduction every five levels.

Hit Points: 12 HP+ 1d12 a level.
Armor: Any but prefer to wear lighter armor as heavy armor is a sign of weakness in their society.
Weapons: Any but prefer large two-handed weapons
Hit Points: 12 + 1d12 per level.
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: On a natural “20” you hit all adjacent friend or foe sending them flying 10 feet and stunning them for one round doing normal damage. The distance increases by 10ft every 5 levels. The flying opponents take 1d6 per 10 ft thrown.

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