Friday, March 28, 2014

Back to the Dungeon RPG Assassins and Rouges (FLAILSNAILS)

Assassins are highly trained hired killers that exist in secret brotherhoods and cabals around the ancient world. Anyone can be a killer but only the assassin guilds choose the most deadly and then hone them into a finely trained killing machine. Assassins tend to dress very lightly and are always prepared to escape any situation as if they are found out they would be hung or burnt at the stake. Assassins specialize in the quick kill only if the opponent is unaware and fails his save. Only one chance is given for a surprise attack. They tend to wear light armor and can use any weapons. An assassin has all the abilities of a Rogue.
An assassin uses his Strength to climb and hold himself in hiding places for long periods of time.

The assassin uses his Dexterity to do acrobatic feats of agility. The Assassin is a flinger of darts and daggers and may fling one plus his Dexterity bonus per round.
Constitution score is used in assisting how long the assassin can stay in hiding in a cramped or difficult place. The Assassin also uses his Constitution resist poison and drugs which improves as character levels up.

If the assassin uses his Intelligence he may brew up poisons or drugs.

He uses his Wisdom to shadow a victim.

The assassin use his Charisma to charm and fool victims and if he is clever enough to disguise himself act like another person. If medium or higher armor is worn subtract one point for every point past AC 12. Assassinate (DC10-Level)+(+1 DC) per level of victim only on a surprise attack. Their unarmed Attack does 1d6.

Hit Points: 8 HP + 1d8 a level.
Armor: Up to Leather without penalty
Weapons: All
To Hit: +1
Natural 20: On a natural “20” the Assassin may Eviscerate an opponent causing instant death unless the victim saves 10 + damage done, Gory Bleeding that does 1d6 for 1d4 rounds, Blinded giving a -4 to all actions, blood spray to blind another opponent two squares away giving a -4 until he wipes the blood out of his eyes. Make a victim gimped giving you -2 to all actions and half speed. A morale roll may be in order.

The Rogue can be a trained criminal, a thief, the master of stealth and locks, a charmer, or conman. A Rogue can be many things though most depend on their dexterity and craftiness. Some are nothing of the sort using their ability to manipulate others by their sheer personality. In some cases these more criminally organized sorts kinds will gather together and form Thievery Guilds.

The Rogue uses his Strength to climb sheer surfaces that no other class can climb.

The Rogue uses his Dexterity to pick locks, pick pockets, stealth, and other criminal activities. The Rogue is a flinger of darts and daggers and may fling one plus his Dexterity bonus per round.

They use their Constitution to hang out in hidden places to stalk their prey. If they hit a victim with a surprise or flanking attack they do an additional 1d6 damage every two levels.

The Rogue use his Intelligence to decipher maps and magic scrolls as well as ancient text if he is literate. They have knowledge of various poisons and their effects. They also speak a thieves cant which varies from area to area.
The Rogue uses his Wisdom to spot hidden things and to notice traps and tricks. He can also use his Wisdom to shadow someone in a crowd.

Many Rogues are glib tongues and use their Charisma to charm and convince others.
Armor: Anything past Leather interferes with abilities.
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 6 + 1d6 per level.
To Hit: +0
Natural 20: On a natural “20” a rogue may Slow an opponent causing him to move at half speed until healed, Stun the opponent for 1d4 rounds, or cause 1 point bleeding for 1d6 rounds.

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