Saturday, May 25, 2013

STARCLADS 2d6 Rules Light Simple Science FIction RPG PDF Rough Draft Play Test.

STARCLADS 2d6 Rules Light Simple Science Fiction RPG.

It is in a very rough draft form.

So simple to make Sci Fi Adventures!

For example here is a character made in less than 5 minutes.

I roll for Might, Moves, Mind, and Manipulation 1d6+3 each.

Might 6
Moves 6
Mind 6
Manipulation 9

I kinda like this guy. He is faily average in the physical and mental but he is quite a manipulator.

Maybe I could make him some sort of entertainer? 

Entertainment – You are a star of stage and screen. You are some sort of
entertainer. You have a fancy wardrobe and live a life of luxury. Most
Entertainers are owned by their Corporate agent and are on a life provided
by the corporation. You don’t pilot or drive as the Corporation provides all
this for you. You only stay in fancy hotels and apartments provided by the
Starting Equipment: Many Sets of Fine Clothing, and 5000 credits

Nah maybe a diplomat or blind face of a local planetary government? 

Bureaucrats – Bureaucrats are the living red tape or lubricant of any
government system. They can be very helpful if motivated. Most are
untrained in any sort of combat.
Starting Equipment: Suit, Hover Car, Comlink, and 1000 credits.

Hell money is power and the Corporations have it all! New nobility of the Sectors!

Corporate – Corporatist are the movers and shakers of the universe. They
are the managers and supervision of the corporation s that employ everyone.
They don’t tell people how to do their jobs they tell people to do their job.
Fine suits and high living is the way of the Corporate. Corporations in
STARCLADS are ruthless cutthroat operations that act as governments unto
themselves. Most starting Corporatist have no combat skill but they gain
some throughout the years.
Starting Equipment: Fine Suit, Luxury Hover Car, Comlink, Translator,
Laser Pistol and 5000 credits.

So I make him a corporate. Cool. I could have just made something sles up and went with it. Me and the GM could have picked out the appropriate equipment and just got started playing.

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  1. I like what I see so far. I downloaded it and have been checking it out a little bit at a time. I have been moving in a more rules-light direction lately myself.