Monday, May 6, 2013

Hero's Mag: Super Hero RPG 1985 Version Mixed with Modern innovations.

So what if there was a Supers setting where the hero groups aged like we do? A gritty setting based on most major comic lines as in a love letter to them and political commentary on our world today? The aged heroes are very nepotistic about letting new talent come in!  

What if in 911 there was a third plane and it killed The Protectors in The New York Megaopolis, one of the major three supers group out via a Negaton Bomb. 

There were only 3 major super teams left with a few heroes working independently here and there. Most of the Supers were getting old but held their positions long after they should have retired. 

The 911 incident wiped out the New York team and the hearts and minds of the American people via a Negaton Bomb leaving only the Los Angeles and Houston based teams. 

They had the same problem as well. An established system of old heroes in power controlling what goes on. They all are in great peril as they are facing greater super criminal challenges and greater criminal organizations. The New York Megalopolis has been left a haven for super criminals and crime syndicates.  

West Coast, Los Angeles: The Guardians Trouble from all sides! Internal struggle is the worst problem these guys are having. Most of them are getting old and they don't want competition. People are beginning to turn against the heroes and the heroes just don't really care.

South Coast, Houston: Knights (Attacked by Cartel) The Houston based heroes of the South. The Cartel has been on a major onslaught and it is WAR. Many super mercs are on call and it's 5 million a head bounty on the Knights. Worst of all Cartel controlled media is having a feeding frenzy against the Knights. 

Is there going to be a newly formed New England team to take back The New York Megalopolis

Will the negative feeling towards supers by the majority turn into something far worse such as a holocaust? Already some heroes have been lynched!  

Some say the government is getting ready for an onslaught against super powered beings.


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