Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to the Dungeon RPG Update

Well I am currently cleaning up the documents and trying to clarify and fix grammatical errors as a natural progression of Game Development. 

Been working on clarifying the spells, reformatting the document in a larger sized font, and making it Zine styled.  Basically far easier to read.

Did another play test with my daughters, wife and friend (who was against the project but seemed amused after playing).

It is truly Easy to Run and Easy to Play. Still lots of tiny problems and details that need to be fixed.   

I will take his suggestion into consideration about simplified encumbrance as it never bothered me and I always kept track of it but for some it is a bother. 

1 point of Strength equal one stone of weight. The average person can carry 10 stones. Less than a Stone does not count most of the time.   

Or maybe not...

I am also going to simplify the experience points down to a far simpler system taken from a PF game I was playing in that someone took from a post posted on a TL forum. 

Level 2…XP 5
3....XP 11
4....XP 18
5....XP 26
6....XP 35
7....XP 45
8....XP 56
9....XP 68
10…XP 81
11…XP 95
12...XP 110
+15 points per level for each level over 12.

Per session XP rewards:
0=No show/no participation
1=Minimal story advancement/partial session
2=Average story advancement
3=Epic advancement

I may have a list of backgrounds that have no mechanical addition to the rules save the DC of an action set by the Game Master. 

Old friends have showed back up and want to game and want to play something simpler.  Come to find out the 3.5 game was fun back a few years ago, but there were too many rules for them. I gave them copies of BttDRPG to take home. 

I would love a Minister of Magic to  come along and split my Wizards into schools and my Sorcerers into Bloodlines, and Clerics into Specif Mythos, and Domains.

What other "sacred cows" am I going to cut out or change.

Really there are so many grammar and format Nazis out there when I clearly stated that this document was a rough draft. Geeze let me know about the content, not that I repeated a word or my spellcheckkker screwed up unless you are volunteering to be an editor for the game.  

It's called a rough draft for a reason. The document was thrown together in an effort to just finish the damn thing. 

A culmination of some of my class, race, level, fantasy RPG experiences of 32 years of how I want a game to be played, ran, and flow.


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  1. I am looking forward to the next step in the evolution of the game.