Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Olde Realm

Here are a few examples of what kind of adventures one can have in The Olde Realm. It is from my other blog.

  • A noble family trying to survive treachery at he hands of other nobles pit against each other by the royals in a great game of The Higher Order of the Staff and the Circle as well as business and investments.
  • A guild trying to run a business and keep his family safe from other guilds and the games of the nobles. Also the guild members are trying to climb the social ladders as well.
  • A priest and his followers trying to climb the ladder of the church hierarchy. The higher the position the greater the advantage and gold. Sides must be taken and things must be done.
  • A group of servants trying to run a household full of intrigue and cruel masters as well as dark secrets. Always being offered much gold for family secrets. Danger in the streets during errands from other families and their servants as well as criminals.
  • A group of sages trying for grants from nobles, guilds, and royals for secrets of the ancients and study of the universe. Worst of all there are the Scholars that are trying to do the same thing but from an only scientific view. Debates that end up as battles on the streets will occur.
  • Young noble males and females in their secret orders (The Lesser Order of the Staff and the Circle respectively) vying for future positions in noble families pitting the lesser swells (those who are trying to become noble by money such as guild people or rich but primitive foreigners) against each other just for cruel fun as very few if any ever enter the society as full members. Of course all these strings are pulled by the Royals secretly.
  • Cruel Noble and Royal evil games against the servants and other low class people. They call them games but in many cases they are deadly for the lower class people.
  • A lone thief breaking into mansions and castles to steal the riches of the nobility and royals. If you are really good people take notice.
  • A gang of thieves trying to make themselves into a legitimate criminal organization. From the guards to other gangs, life is short and cheap. Only those vicious enough will survive.
  • An order of wizards trying to survive the inquisition of the church. Some orders are powerful and can elude the church but the weaker must beware. Independent wizards must work in complete secrecy as magic is though to have destroyed the world ages ago. They are constantly looking for ancient and hidden secrets as the clues are hidden everywhere.
  • A tomb robber going deep into tombs below the city and in the wilderness to rob the dead. The dead are not always quiet.
  • A group of church inquisitors trying to root out the Bane. If no Bane infested cultist can be found then wizards and pagans are good targets.
  • A tinkerer and inventor making special devices for nobles and guilds and for himself.
  • A troupe of entertainers trying to survive, traveling form city to city and town to town.
  • Gods forbid one might actually want to become a Bane Cultist worshiping the Bane Gods.
  • A bounty hunter looking for the next score.
  • A bartender trying to keep his tavern and inn afloat in a city of many taverns. In some cases other taverns and their patrons attack!
  • A gang of orphan guttersnipes trying to survive. Most try and beg and steal and are on their way to becoming gangs. Most die horribly in violence or as junkies. The pimps and madams are out looking for the more attractive ones and the gangs are looking for the most vicious. The guard occasionally if their numbers too great just go forward and kill every orphan they find.
  • An owner of a road inn far in the wilderness trying to make it. Interesting characters will always show up and have stories and intrigues. Road inns in the Olde Realm are huge complexes that have been around for centuries and many are also full of secrets.
  • Noble families that are on holidays at various resorts far in the wildernesses and other exotic and ancient locations with many festivities and intrigues as well as deadly games. Woe to the servants and peasants caught in between. Much gold for those who can take care of business for the nobles.
  • A Journeyman and his men looking for work. Unfortunately they are not a part of the guild so they will have to try and join or work as scabs. Some specialize in fighting the guilds and are gangs unto themselves.

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